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Interesting Mechanic idea.

Started by 3XXXDDD, August 19, 2012, 08:19:55 AM

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Something, Something about fantastical creatures doing battle.

Every creature card also acts an *Element* or maybe a *Number* card. They also have a *Cost*. You could place two creatures on top of another to play a Creature from your deck who has equal (or less) cost to the placed creatures.


In deck:
Cost: Fire/Earth
Element: Fire

In hand:
Cost: Earth
Element: Earth


Cost: Fire
Element: Fire

You could place spark & rock over each other and then place a Salamander from your deck over them.

It could work really well if I do it with a number system though.

This was kind of a re-visited version of this game (Trying to combine both decks into one):



So playing spark->rock->salamander would have a total Element of Fire/Rock/Fire?

One other thing, shouldn't spark and rock have no cost? I assume they are the "first step" kind of elemental cards that are free to place but allow you to place other cards on top of them.


They probably should. The cost thing was only the cost to play them from the deck, all cards would be cheaper (if not free) when drawn naturally.