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Magi Nation Anyone?

Started by Ajezla, July 03, 2012, 04:22:28 AM

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I haven't seen anyone really playing Magi Nation, and this saddens me cuz it's a pretty good game and is rather easy to learn. If anyone is interested in learning the game, I'm willing to teach :P I'm usually on in the mid-afternoon and the late evening to early hours of the morning Pacific time in the U.S. I just started playing the game myself, but it is rather easy to pick-up and play.

The rules can also be found at: ;D



I haven't played magi nation in a long time, but recently discovered lackey and made a few decks for it. I've forgotten most of the rules, but they were pretty simple if I remember right. I'd be happy to play with you or anyone else that remembers this old simple ccg.


Oh what good fortune. Right now in my hobbies this is the moment I'm trying to get into the Magi-Nation card game. I was even tempted at a Con to buy some to play with my IRL friend. I have Steam & Vent and am available 18:00-22:00 (-5 UST). However give me a specific time and date.  I don't just "hang out" the computer. My experience with "I'll be on from X to X" never works.

I'll probably just use and recreate starter decks since I have zero experience in both MND and using Lackey.


When I am available to play you can find me on AIM as yakiorpus or just PM here.

I'm also on blue furok, I'll be the one with Orpus in my name.