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[request] I need a card template
« on: April 20, 2012, 04:42:47 pm »
I'm designing a card game comparable to YuGiOh, Magic, etc.  I haven't named it yet, but a fitting name would be something along the lines of "Faction Wars."  Unlike other games, there is a broad range of themes in the game with decks for stuff like Wizards, Goblins, Mafia, Assassins, modern day Militia, Greek Mythology, etc.  Pretty much anything you could think of.

The different Genres of archetypes are:
-Legend (such as Dragons and Greek Mythology)
-Cult (or "Organization."  Includes Mafia and Followers of Cthulhu)
-Fighter (includes Militia and ninjas)
-Magic (includes Warlocks and Psychics)
-Elemental (such as fire and water)
-Demon (such as vampires and werewolves)
-Machines* (no specific decks, all one giant type)

I need a template that I could use for all of my cards.  I work with a local game company so if I use your artwork, there's a chance I'll actually pay you down the road :P  All depends on how things go
So here's the details:

Guardian (monster/attack) cards need:
-Tier (can be "Tier #" or a symbol.  There's only 3 tiers, so if it's easier to have a spot for 1-3 symbols, that's fine too)
-Genre(s) (ex.  "Cult / Magic".  Most cards have a primary and a secondary genre)
-Health? (I'm not 100% sure on having health yet so it should be in a spot where, if removed, doesn't look like there's something missing.  If you could submit 2 templates -- one with health and one without -- that'd be even better)

Champion (hero -- 1 per deck) Cards need pretty much the same as Champion Cards but also need a way to show that they're the hero.  They don't have tiers since there's only 1 per deck, but besides those 2 details, theyre the same.

Power (magic/spell) cards need:

Thanks in advance for any help!  I appreciate it :D  Feel free to post here or email me for anything


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Re: [request] I need a card template
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2013, 06:03:30 am »
Did anything ever come of this?  I've got some spare time on my hands :P