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The Stack - alternatives?

Started by europeanmatt, January 09, 2010, 10:42:52 PM

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I'd really like to implement the ability to act "in response" as a way to use some narrow counters i have designed, and have been thinking more about giving character cards activated abilities... is "the stack" as used in MtG pretty standard or are their other paradigms for timing fast effects?


stackless - netrunner. it has a multiple effects once in a bluewhile but becaus eof how it works this is very rare. when it needs to resolve them, the turn player chooses always

the chain in yugioh - last card in is the first to resolve, the stack is set-up and then finalised, additional cards cannot be played once it starts resolving

the stack in legend of the five rings - first card in is the first card to resolve

the stack in magic - the stack is set-up so that last card in is the first to resolve, cards can be added at any time even after it starts resolution, they are considered to be added as new last cards on the stack

there was an idea of mine to resolve general and specific resolution issues of confliction, once the stack starts resolving, new cards played go to a new stack and they both start to resolve simultaneously

ie stak A a b c     stack X x y

c and y resolve one after another, b and x resolve one after another, a resolves alone

it used alot of ocncentration (i was used to it) but if i remember it did solve the problems i was thinking about. i might have the specifics wrong tho


Stack just means Last In, First Out (LIFO). Queue just means First In, First Out (FIFO).

Response spells must use a stack (a la Interrupt in old school magic, instants in modern magic, and anything else that is fast enough to target something of it's own class that's already been started). If it's FIFO it's not a stack.

(Activated abilities being stack users is new in magic, they used to have instant speed, when instant meant FIFO)