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a magic game that comes to life

Started by davidkramer, January 05, 2010, 03:54:21 PM

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So i had a cool idea. the programming side would propably be difficult but an online form of magic where each creature comes to life. and when u attack with a creature u can physically see one attack the other. So each creature would appear 3-d on top of each card. they could yell or grunt when attacked or blocked. and lightning bolts would actually incinerate the creatures. i am not even sure if someone could create a program such as this. but imagine a game that comes to life.  :o and i believe that any new idea for a card game could be done this way. and i believe it would be very succesful.


it's been done. But that's not to say it can't be done again!

the one I've heard of is called Eye of Judgment and is on PS3.


so you are correct but i'm just talking about an online game where u don't have to lay your cards out in front of a camera but damn. all my great ideas are always about a yr. too late. lol


and also it looks like they put a buttload of time and money into that game. But now that eye of judgement has done it i'm sure MTG is brewing something up. staying up with the trends. I didn't know about eye of judgement but i checked it out online and the graphics look pretty amazing. i wasn't thinking as much in detail as that. those guys had my idea in my head beat. grrrrr


I think Chewbacca and R2D2 played this game already ... ;D


Quote from: reelhotgames on January 05, 2010, 09:56:53 PM
I think Chewbacca and R2D2 played this game already ... ;D


anyways, try for a second to think of how many unique creatures there are in magic. i almost gaurentee that the number is larger than what you are thinking of. This would be a ridiculously immense project for a company to undertake.
I could only see this happening on a console, or possibly pc I guess, but as a game that is sold seperately from mtgo and only contains a few sets or groups of cards to play with.


A program like that is possible, with a few number of cards. Set up a simple card manipulation program(like lackey's basic "move cards around.) GUI in python, throw in Blender3D implementation, and some functions declaring attack, block, cast, etc. to trigger animations. Take a lot of time, but not a whole lot of complicated programming for a professional.


Very few programs are complicated for a professional, they just take a crapton of time. Real time 3d graphics is a more sophisticated area of programing because of all of the APIs and threading.


Both are free game engines that allow you to create 3d graphic interactivity without having to memorize huge reference manuals of C++. Unity3d uses javascript, and the BGE uses python, as well as internal Logic nodes. However, the engine itself manages most of the rendering and manipulations.
Not to imply that I could do it easily. Just that even video games are becoming a less daunting task for an independent.