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Test my custom set with their images
« on: January 17, 2012, 10:12:24 pm »
Hi, I edited my own magic set in MSE. So I want to test my set and compare its power with the other standard decks of magic.

So I went to C:\Program Files\LackeyCCGBetaWin\LackeyCCG\plugins\magic, then I click on ListOfCardDataFiles.

In the Text Document, I putted:




MTN is the name of my set.

Then, I went to MSE and click on export set ikon. I choose export my set in HTML and  I exported the set on:

C:\Program Files\LackeyCCGBetaWin\LackeyCCG\plugins\magic\sets.

Before all, I found the set on Lackey with the othe magic cards, but my cards haven't their images. I tried to put the images to Lackey.

First I went to MSE and click on export set ikon. I choose export all cards images to:

C:\Program Files\LackeyCCGBetaWin\LackeyCCG\plugins\magic\sets\setimages

On a file named MTN.

In the other images set files, there are only one or three images of the cards. The name of that images is only the number of the card in his set. The name of one of my images is 1.MTN, so the name of my cards is the number of my card in his set followed of a point and the name of my set. So I changed the name of the image of the first card of the set to 1 instead of 1.MNT

Before that I went to Lackey and I searched the first card of my set, but it hasn't image.

Then I tried to test my cards in lackey, it was possible, but without the images is not the same.

Please show me the method to see the image of my custom cards while I?m test with them.
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