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Nexus CG: experimental game

Started by sneaselx, January 02, 2010, 10:15:43 AM

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This is a game I made a while ago. There is a plugin that is ready to play, if someone could tell me where to put it, so people can download it.

If you don't want to read the whole rules, the simple version:
-Each player takes turn playing a card. Colors on side must match.
-Freezing a card means turning it facedown. They score no points.
-Unless Passive, effect is applied once. If Passive, effect is permanent.
-Game ends when either player has no cards in their hand and tries to play a card.
-Winner is the one with most Score

Nexus CG
Each player needs a 5 card ?hand?, plus one character card.

Place Character cards facing each other, linked by the Rainbow link.
Choose a player to go first.

Each player takes turns playing a card from their hand to the field.
To play a card to the field, you must attach it so that the colored Links on the sides of the card is touching a link on cards already in play of the same color. Everywhere cards touch, the links have to be the same color. The only exception is Rainbow links. These links can touch any other color. Cards cannot be rotated.

There are two types of abilities. All cards have Instant Abilities unless otherwise marked. These effects are applied once, when you play the card, and then ignored.
Passive Abilities are always in effect. Some provide a permanent boost, and others are effects that can be activated repeatedly throughout the game.

Some card effects say to Freeze other cards. When you freeze a card, the card is flipped face down. The card does not have an effect, and scores no points. A frozen card is considered an empty space for placing down cards. If a Frozen card is Restored, it is flipped face up. Links that do not match are ignored.

The game is won when either player runs out of cards to play. When this happens, add up the Score of all your face-up cards. Remember to include bonuses from effects. The player with the most points wins. If both players have the same number of points, the most cards on the field win. If that is the same, the most points without including effects.


There are various free hosting sites. If you don't have your own host I would recommend using one of those. You could also distribute it through bit torrent.


Alright, heres a download link.

Probably not the best share site, but the first one I found. Uploaded as a .zip, just put it in the plugins folder.
It should work.



Now, pray tell. When are you on to school peoples in the ways of experimental game-fu?


Sorry, won't be able to for a while. Lackey + Linux + WINE = Unexpected crashes.
It may just be me, but it's not working. I have lackey on windows (dual boot), but it's pretty much the only reason I have windows, so I'm rarely on as I can't run it in the background. I'll have to go by appointments. However, if you warn me, I can try (TRY) to be on sometime after 7.


In that case it might be better to schedule something for a Friday or Saturday so as not to run into time constraints.

Keep us posted. <_< no pun intended.