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Hexdrake ECG
« on: February 21, 2012, 02:54:08 pm »
Hey, guys.  This is now going to be the official topic for my Hexdrake ECG project.  I'll be making flavor and rules updates here as soon as I can.

There's a lot of new things in the rules, which have been updated to 0.4.0.  You may view them at the link below.  And here's a timeline of hopeful updates!

March 14: War Profile: The Phaelin Forest Expedition (Air & Earth)

April ??: War Profile: The Beaches of Kenzorazu (Fire & Water)

May ??: War Profile: The Battle of Highborne (Light & Shadow)

June ??: Drop and Gear reveals

July ??: Final BASE reveals; graphical updates to rulebook; 1st Lackey release

August ??: SET2 announcement

I'll be looking for art (and artists!) for the game to help things along.  Any comments on the rules/ideas for cards can be directed to me here or in PMs.  And now, the link to the official Rules Doc!

Hexdrake Rules Document: ver. 0.5.0

UPDATE:  That's not a type; I've made a big rules change to put it to 0.5.  Also, some dates for the possible profiling of the flavor, and revealing cards.
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Re: Hexdrake ECG
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Hey all!  I've updated the rules to 0.5.2, still at the link above.  The only major change from 0.5.0 is that I've redefined what Overrun does to make it stronger.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a chance to talk about the flavor of the Air and Earth characters in this set, but if not, then probably Thursday.  Until then!


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Re: Hexdrake ECG
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War Profile: The Phaelin Forest Expedition

From the perspective of Asato Dabaki, perhaps the most powerful feudal lord of the Faiha Mountain Range, this all began as a usual situation.  The Dabaki lands spread to the North, and even a certain amount to the East, just short of the Plains of Highborne.  But, further South, it has been said that there is a land, rich in natural resources, unclaimed by any lord.  Thus, he gave the young Captain of his military, Hiroki Sando, along with his lieutenant Matai Furin, a simple mission; find this Southern land, and claim it as Dabaki lands if the rumors are true.  And thus, the Sando Expedition was sent to the South, further than the mountain-dwellers had gone before.

Little did Sando realize that these lands were, in fact, claimed by a local tribe, known as the Jadakra, lead by the sovereign leader of the Jadeo warrior caste Tigerrage, and his shaman advisor, Dustspeaker.  Tigerrage has seen Sando coming, and taken the offensive against these intruders into the Forest of Phaelin!  Knowing full well that there was civilization in those Northern mountains, Tigerrage remained passive to their actions...until they encroached on his land.

Now, the young Captain Sando faces an unexpected challenge; his small expeditionary team, outnumbered by the Jadeo army of Tigerrage!  Who will survive this survival struggle?  It's up to you!

BASE Set's Air and Earth factions!  The Sando Expedition, led by Captain Hiroki Sando, uses its myriad of airborne Falcon companions to control the field by exhausting and restoring cards, and its Dove messengers call out other members of the militia!  Many of the members of the militia have the ability to weaken enemy forces in combat, or to even force an opponent's abilities onto a new target!  The Jadakra Tribe, and its Jadeo Caste, have their own tricks, able to create resources from the very soil they battle on!  The Bears and Wolves work independently of the Jadakra, although in harmony with themselves!  The Jadeo Caste is quick to act, striking against its foes with vigor!

Captain Hiroki Sando is a master Falcon tamer, and his talents extend to surreal levels, shifting the winds against his foe at any moment to halt the powerful Jadeo momentum in its tracks!  Chief Tigerrage is certainly capable of holding his own against this threat, only being delayed for a single turn from his powerful ability, which affords him a great deal of extra offensive power!

Captain Hiroki Sando
Unique: Hiroki Sando
Character Air
5A 3N
Rapid: Once while you control Hiroki Sando, exhaust all Permanents.  If you do, you cannot attack this turn.

Chief Tigerrage
Unique: Tigerrage
Character Earth
5E 3N
Action: Once while you control Chief Tigerrage, give it +5 ATK this turn
Action: If you have not activated Chief Tigerrage's skill this turn, pay 2E to give Chief Tigerrage +5 ATK this turn