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V:tes deck-build style

Started by yudencow, November 08, 2011, 07:32:51 AM

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In a game I wanted to make, the deck only had monsters/creatures/units.
Looking at other games for inspiration, I noticed V:tes (Vampire: the eternal struggle) does something similar but with using a second deck for equipment, actions, etc..
I thought to add to my game 2 smaller decks one is dedicated to equipment you hero can use, and the other is for side missions your units can do to gain advantage. Each one of the side deck is half the size of the main deck. My fear is adding to much side cards will take the focus of the units/the main deck cards, but without them the game would seem to repetitive.
Another thing I am worried about is that I already have an extra deck for stronger monsters that can only be summoned when there are certain cards on the field. There are also 3 cards you choose before that act as abilities the player can activate (like permanent sorceries).
What should I keep and what should I remove?


I think one of the big challenges that V:tes had was trying to get the right balance of card types in your deck. The other thing that I have seen recently that would work for your big monsters thing is what is used in the Discworld boardgame.

Have a split deck, You shuffle up the high end stuff and put that down first, then add the lower end stuff to the top, so you have to work your way through that first.