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LackeyCCG Change Log: brief explanations of changes through different versions


I am now maintaining a page which lists the different changes from version to version. This will be a persistent list that I will add to with every update.

As a programmer myself, I know how tedious this is to do, but it's really appreciated for the end user, so thank you for taking the time!

I see a new version today but no changelog. Can you update the changelog?


Updated a little.

There seems to be a common issue where the newest Lackey almost immediately fails when launched in MacOS. Can you attend to this? I'd be fine with the older version being used, or at least being allowed online. If a fix could be implemented asap, that'd be fantastic. I love using Lackey to host a TCG I recreated. If there's any way I could help, or help test, please let me know! :)


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