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INWO Illuminati: New Wolrd Order

Started by MightyBullMoose, December 09, 2022, 04:32:24 AM

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Join the Illuminati and see the world... differently.

Welcome to Illuminati: The New World Order (INWO), a game of conspiracies,
intrigue, secret deals, and betrayal.

Plugin: INWO
Maintainer: MightyBullMoose

Limited Edition
Unlimited Edition
One With Everything
German Edition
Virtual Cards
Fan Created Cards

There were only a few card sets released for the game. The first release was
"Limited" Edition. This was followed up by Unlimited Edition, which had a
packaging difference in the booster packs, some typical artwork and card rules
changes, but was otherwise functionally identical to the Limited Edition.
There are 3 Promotional cards usually considered to be part of these releases,
though they did not appear in booster packs.

The cards in LackeyCCG are listed as Limited Edition and most of the card images
come from Limited Edition, though a few cards come from Unlimited. The is mostly
because those are the cards with decent quality images scans available.

Both "Limited" and "Unlimited" Edtion Starters contain 2 Illuminati, 2 Rares, 8
Uncommons, 22 Common Groups, 21 Common Plots, and no duplicates within a single
Starter. They were sold as a pack of two Starters for $9.95.

Both "Limited" and "Unlimited" Edition boosters were sold in Boxes of 60 packs,
with each pack retailing for $2.25 and a box retailing for $135.00.
"Limited Edition" Boosters contain 1 Rares, 3 Uncommons, 5 Common Groups and 6
Common Plots (or vice versa).
"Unlimited Edition" Boosters contain 2 Rares, 4 Uncommons (1/24 of Uncommons
being replaced with an Illuminati), 5 Common Groups, and 5 Common Plots.

Next was the "One With Everything" set, containing 450 cards and retailing for
$70.00. It included three of each of the nine Illuminati, one of every other
card in the Limited Edition set, the 3 Promo cards released to date, 10 blank
Group, and 10 blank Plot cards. This set was functionally identical to the
Limited Edition in content.

The next set was "Assassins," a 123 card expansion (plus 2 promo cards), which
largely expands on the base set. It added Ultra-Rare cards to the normal stack
of C/U/R, a new Illuminati, and a mix of other cards.

Assassins was sold in Booster Boxes of 60 Booster Packs, with a Box retailing
for $84.00 and each booster retailing for $1.40. Each booster contains 1 Rare
(1/10 of Rares replaced with Ultra-Rares), 2 Uncommons (with the Society of
Assassins Illuminati beint 33% more common than other Uncommons), and 5 Commons.

"Assassins One With Everything" is a virtual box set; that is, it didn't
actually exist, but I included it here as a virtual "pack" to go along with the
OWE and SubGenius box sets. It contains 3 copies of the Society of Assassins
Illuminati and 1 copy of every other card including the 2 promo cards, for a
total of 127 cards. A comperable cost to the SubGenius expansion is $21.95.

"SubGenius" was a box set of 100 cards which retailed for $16.95. While a few of
the card themes fit in with the first two expansions, most of the cards are
themed around the Church of the SubGenius - an online "Church" which dabbles in
weirdity. Most of the card scans in LackeyCCG would be considered Low or even
Poor quality, though the text is mostly readable.

The "German" Edition was largely similar to the original Limited Edition. Most
of the cards were either named the same (but translated into German) or had the
name changed to fit a German societal theme. For instance, Liquor Companies
became Breweries while New York City was changed to Frankfurt; the abilities on
most cards are either identical or nearly identical. Most German cards are hard
to come by, even the scans. 22 of the cards are utterly unique to the German
and are the only German cards present in LackeyCCG; several of these card
scans are of notably poor quality, others are of high quality. All of the German
cards in LackeyCCG are provided with rules text translation into English.

"German 2" is an unofficial English language version of the 22 German cards,
which can more easily be used in play decks if you desire.

The "Virtual" set is a handful of cards which were printed in Pyramid Magazine
(SJGames house magazine). Some were contest winners, others were included in an
article for special play rules for a One Big Deck game.

The "Fan" cards are fan created cards pulled from various sources. They are
probably completely broken and aunplayable. Or fun. Definately fun. Use them
at your own risk.



This plugin includes over 100 pre-built playdecks. EVERY SINGLE DECK has a
companion Text file in the /decks/Text/ folder within the plugin. This Text file
contains the deck authors' write-up for the deck, including card list, strategy
guide for the deck, and other play suggestions. These decks follow standard deck
building rules; they are 45 cards, including the Lead Illuminati, and consist of
a plot and group deck. In addition, in Lackey they have a Lead Cards deck; this
deck contains the Illuminati card and the lead Group. If more than one Group is
there consult the companion Text to see which Group is lead and which are
back-ups in case your lead bounces or which are aternates to play to counter
other players Illuminati. Once the Lead Illuminati and Group have been played
the remaining groups should be moved to the Groups deck and then the Groups deck
should be shuffled and Hidden (right-click on the deck in Lackey to do this).

Most of these decks are built as standalone decks and came from the Deck of the
Week, an archive of playdecks which can be fund at two different websites:

Other than the standalone decks there are two other types of decks to mention:

As the name suggests, playes share One Big Deck (two decks, actually, one Shared
Groups and one shared Plots). There are separate buttons for drawing from the
Shared decks vs darawing from your own decks. The One Big Decks have a 0BD
prefix (Note: I used a zero "0" instead of the letter "O" here, which causes the
decks to appear first alphabetically in the deck list).

Refer to the rules for One Big Deck and/or SubGenius for specific rules on
playing with One Big Deck.


There are three sets of decks worth calling out; these are theme deck sets which
were built using the One With Everything (OWE) box set. Each deck set is
designed to be balanced against one another and have the limit of only having
one copy of each card in the original Limited/Unlimited Edition release to build
decks with (with the exception of the Illuminati cards, three of each were
included with the OWE box set). Any of these three sets would be a good place
for a new group of playes to start playing as they are balanced against one
another, are relatively straight-forward, not relying too heavily on tricks or

Perpetual Motion
1. Anarchists of Hermes
2. Deep Green Sea
3. World Peace
4. Space Vampires

A set of decks which were designed to not run out of steam until one player
finally emerges victorious. This is a good set to start playing with because no
player will lose simply because their victory condition combination was
thwarted, thus alleviating the frustration for new players.

1. Fiends in High Places
2. "I am... duh Law"
3. Crazy Covenant
4. Deus Ex Machina

Three decks built around a Servants of Cthulhu, an Illuminati who win by
destroying groups (their opponents or their own, doesn't matter). A fourth UFO
deck is added in to act as a foil between the other three players.

Personality Clash & Personality Clash II
1. Reformers: Smile And Grin At The Change All Around
2. Helpers: Take My Hand
3. Achievers: Strike Out To Reach A Mountain
4. Individualists: See The Real Me
5. Investigators: All Here In My Head
6. Loyalists: Blend In The Crowd
7. Enthusiasts: Set The Paces
8. Challengers: Meet The New Boss (Same As The Old Boss)
9. Peacemakers: Love Ain't For Keeping

This deck won the One With Everything deck design contest, largely because the
author managed to pull off the nearly impossible task of making nine 45-card
decks out of 450 card set. And the decks are both themed and fairly well
balanced between them. There are two versions of these decks presented, one with
just the cards from the base set and one which uses substitutions from the two

Personality Clash II are these same decks, but using the suggested substitutions
from the Assassins and SubGenius expansions.