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Galactic Empires

Started by ericbsmith42, November 18, 2022, 02:52:11 AM

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Hello everyone. My name is Eric, and I'm the guy who's maintained the last real website dedicated for the Galactic Empires CCG, the GE Card Museum.

I'm pretty new to Lackey and brand new to creating a Lackey Plugin. I was handed a preliminary plugin for Galactic Empires, which I've expanded a bit and added the ability to automatically download cards for. I've yet to get to truly test the plugin with by playing, but will be looking for players and suggestions and feedback on the plugin. I'll probably have about a thousand questions once I get going on this.

Plugin: Galactic Empires
Maintainer: Eric Smith (ericbsmith42)

Eric B. Smith


I've continued work on the Galactic Empires plugin for the last week, including some significant updates. I've added some sample playdecks as well as Pack support for all of the booster packs, boxes, and starters that were released.

Since the 100 card Universe Edition and later Starters were designed with card seeds to be relatively playable you can easily take one of those starters, maybe a booster pack or two, and throw them together as a first playdeck as well.