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Lackey server down since yesterday

Started by Reth, January 13, 2022, 04:12:30 PM

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 Topic says it all: Server is down since yesterday unfortunately  :(


Yes, Trevor had some major issues with the OS on his old computer that was hosting the LackeyCCG game server. I spent a while and helped him recover files off it. He's currently investigating what he wants to do about that old computer (windows Vista...). In the mean time I have attempted to host the game server myself, however for reasons I can't figure out connections from outside my network will not connect to the lackey application. I've gone through all the usual suspects (firewalls, port forwarding, antivirus, etc...) and still haven't gotten it to work. Unfortunately that's all the news there is for the time being on that subject.


Alastair, you might be annoyed by this question, and may have already tried this, but have you tested it locally and if so and still having issues using different ports. There is always the chance your ISP restricts random ports externally and maybe running a packet inspection against your current config might offer you some insight. Not sure of your skill level, just trying to help.


It works fine locally inside my LAN, and yes I've tried different ports. I even moved the one computer out from behind the router and plugged it directly into the modem. Also tried all manner of combinations of firewall/antivirus disabled, off, exceptions, etc... Also tried a different computer. Something is blocking it from working in my environment and I'm at a loss to say what exactly.


Maybe a stupid question but any chance to get sth. out of the logs of your router? So whether the requests are even received by it? Maybe they got blocked even before they are forwarded to your endpoint - or have the request been receiced at communication level at least by that computer which you plugged into your modem directly?


We've got the game server up and running.

Reth, RE: router logs, in my case the game connection was never even making it to my router. It was getting stopped either at my gateway or before it (no clue why). We've however gotten a member of the community to offer some space on one of his machines that was able to get it working in his environment.


Great news! Thank you for all your efforts! Can confirm that the server can be reached by me and from the US again! Great work!

So my thinking was "correct" in terms that the request even never reached you via internet (since even when connected to Modem you never seemed to get them). This then looks like your ISP might not forward them for whatever reason (or did I get sth. completely wrong on that?).


Hi Alastair,

The server is not working for me, for the 3rd party Clutch Baseball plugin I have developed. It was working as recently as this fall.