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Duel Masters
« on: December 19, 2020, 08:58:29 am »
Dear LackeyCCG user,

Before you proceed to play with this plugin, I advise you to read this carefully. As english isn't my native language, I apologize in advance for the mistakes. Also, I encourage you to report any mistake or problem you find to help me improve this plugin.

I first discovered Duel Masters as a kid when the very first cards arrived in the stores of my country. I quickly learned to enjoy this game, as well as the whole universe around it. You can imagine how sad I was when I learned the game was to be discontiniued after the printing of the last set in November 2006 if memory serves well. But with the appearance of LackeyCCG, I had a chance to revive my childhood memories and play this game again. I hope you will enjoy playing as much as I do.

First of all, especially if you're new to this game, I suggest you read the 3 documents in the "rules" folder. The "base rules.txt" file contains the basis rules to know in order to play Duel Masters. Further informations can be found on the internet if needed. The "advanced rules.txt" describes rules for a specific type of card or effect. The "keywords.txt" lists the effects of keywords found in the effects of a card. I've chosen to do so to limit cards text length for better readability, as keywords are always associated to the same effects. This plugin also comes with a starter deck in order to help you make your first steps in the game.

You will note that the cards use the original japanese artwork. You can display the english cards information by pressing the correct hotckey. Please refer to LackeyCCG guides if you don't know how to do this. I've chosen to do so for uniformity as I will more than probably add more sets of cards, notably the ones that have never been printed in english after the game was discontiniued.

I do not own Duel Masters Trading Card Game. It is propriety of Wizards of the Coast, which I thank for releasing this game I love. Also, special thanks to Trevor for having created LackeyCCG with which I could play Duel Masters again.

link :

I will report updates on this post when they are available. I will also try to make an autoupdate for the plugin but I'm not sure to know how it works for now.
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