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Innomination CCG - Seeking Playtesters

Started by Ignitedstar, December 31, 2018, 06:37:08 PM

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I want to present Innomination. Our team is very small, but being players of CCGs for most of our lives, our team of two wanted to make one of our own. Instead of simply dreaming about it, I decided to learn how to use LackeyCCG and make a plugin. This CCG takes pieces of other card games and puts in something separating our game from the rest: The Named Deck. Being a digital CCG allows us to utilize certain things physical CCGs can't, like creating cards out of thin air, a reoccurring theme in our CCG as you are supposed to be a type of god.

We have a working prototype, a website up for downloading our plugin, an AutoUpdate URL, and a written guide. There are default decks for you to get started with, so don't worry about deckbuilding. Do know, the default decks show off what the Kingdoms are supposed to be doing. They are not optimized at all.

Our Alpha build currently has 6 Kingdoms and 370 cards.

If you have ever played Magic the Gathering, Force of Will, Hearthstone, and/or Shadowverse, this CCG will feel familiar to you.

We need players to play this CCG. The archetypes we've made need to be playtested. As a team of literally two people, we can only playtest so much. Being a creator and a player isn't the same as being a player. I need your help to understand how cards are played, what players think as they're playing the archetypes they're playing, whether our alpha sets are properly balanced so all of the Kingdoms (archetypes) can actually compete with each other, and to ask you as a player whether this CCG is enjoyable.

This plugin is still in Alpha. We have a working prototype. There is no card art and no sleeves. Well, there's one card with blatantly stolen artwork to make sure card art is working (it's from Shadowverse for those wondering).

Website Link for Downloads:

Contact Information: You can find me on Discord as Ignitedstar#5708. I can occasionally be found playtesting the game on LackeyCCG. I am not always available, but please give me a holler if you want someone to play with, or if you want my insight on stuff related to our CCG.


Although this game is in the alpha stages it is best to start having a card design and placeholder artwork for this game especially if you want randoms to play test your game. Nobody wants to constantly read text boxes for a game they don't know (trust me i know  :'(). Since this is not an officially sold product its ok to start having placeholder artwork while it is still in development. Also you should start making an established rule book for this game, although i know how hearthstone and yugioh works im not a big magic player. Plus i dont know what makes your game unique from traditional card games, establishing a rule book fixes all of that.   


It's been awhile since I posted anything here. I actually forgot I posted this here, but it's important because when you search my game on Google, this page comes up...

A LOT has happened since I posted this topic. If anyone is learning about Innomination here, I would like to stress to be redirected to the website on the first post. I don't want to copy+paste the pages of stuff that's been written over there on here. This is no longer the place for that.

I will say I greatly appreciate everything that has come out of starting here, on LackeyCCG.


nice too see you still have passion for this game. ill check up on your game.