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A new Aliens Vs. Predator CCG

Started by Malagar, December 16, 2009, 02:39:16 PM

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Phew, its been a while - but *bang* right onto the topic:

What if there where a new ALIENS VS. PREDATOR CCG out there?

How should it look, how should it feel, behave, collect - play?

1. I am a huge fan of the Aliens and Predator Series, owning all the movies and a lot of merchandise.
2. The old Aliens Vs. Predator CCG was "so so" tending to "bad", being a fan it catched my attention to some degree.

3. I just wonder - if there would ever be a new Aliens VS. Predator collectible card game, what do you think - how should it look / play? to give this thread some starting fuel, here are some thoughts of mine:

* Well, i did like the artwork of the cards - but not the layout. it has to be higher resolution with a more modern style - somewhat up to the aliens 4 and AVP2 movies. the movie stills as pictures are okay, there is just so much material already there. a comic book/render look would be horrible. a bit comic book art here and there is okay though.

* gameplay wise i did not like the old CCG too much. it was too basic and interchangeable with the terminator CCG (wich was even worse design wise). there are cool concepts like light, there are more concepts i like to see more deeply developded like light levels, scaring people to death, acid blood and crawling through small corridors using military weapons and wits to defeat an alien race. but all in all - the system was just to - well just to basic and not unique enough.

* i also like the idea of having a 3rd world war like wargame based around aliens. like mentioned in one of the comic book this world war would be the aliens conquering earth, while mankind throws everything at them to prevent the overrrun of their homeworld. turning the game into a wargame with massive units per side, would be cool - but would oppose the typical "small marines/pirate squad fighting on closed space against overpowered aliens" scenario. well, a mixture of both - the micro combat and the macro combat setting would also be cool - but too clumsy and complex to be realised in a CCG (another problem is that the movies just dont provide enough military units and masses of aliens to create a wargame from the theme).

* ah well yes, there have to be more than just 3 factions. it has to be 4 or 5 in my oppinion: aliens, predators, marines, weyland-yutani corp and space-rouges. where the marines can join both the weyland-yutani and the space-rouges, or fight on their own depending on the current situation.

so yeah, thats it - any feedback out there?