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Magic Draft Sign-Ups

Started by salmonofdoubt, April 30, 2011, 10:14:39 PM

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Some of you may recognize my Lackey user name "Grok" for always hosting draft rooms. It occurred to me today that we could actually organize a draft in advance, get 8 dedicated people involved, and play out a small tournament.

Here are the details, if you wish to join:

--The draft will start at 8pm EST sharp on Friday, May 6. Join the room titled "Draft Tournament." The password will be "Salmon."

--We will use to draft. Go to the site now, make an account, and familiarize yourself with the drafting tab if you haven't already. On the night of the draft I will open a queue titled "Lackey Draft Tournament," with the password being "Salmon" which you should join. After the draft, everyone will export their decks to Lackey. This is accomplished by hitting submit in the CCGDecks deck builder, then clicking "export as apprentice file," opening the file in a text document, copying the deck list, and then hitting the "paste" button in the Lackey deck editor. I can clarify this process later if need be.

--The first 7 people to request a space in the draft in this thread will get in. Please only request a space if you have roughly 2 hours available at the time of the draft (8-10pm). The entire point of this planning is to get people to stick around for all of their rounds; if you have any doubts about your time commitment, please don't join.

--We will play rounds in a Swiss system. I don't know how many rounds we should do (I'm thinking three right now) so if you have any suggestions, let me know. You get two points for each game win, 1 point for a tie, and zero for a loss. Each round, players of similar rankings will face off, and hopefully no one plays the same person twice. I'll keep open a spreadsheet of the points, so every result should be PMed to me. The person with the most points after ~3 rounds will be the victor and will win eternal glory.

--The set(s) we will draft will be determined by a vote, and I will provide the tie breaker. When you sign up for the draft, please include your set nomination as well, which I will put up next to your name. We are only going to draft current official sets, although there is no limit on which ones can be chosen (for example, you can't nominate triple Zendikar, but you can nominate 2 Zendikar, 1 Worldwake. Try not to go back too far, as the older sets (pre-Urza) were not specifically designed with drafting in mind).

--Remember, we're doing this to have fun. Everyone will be required to submit their deck list on CCGDecks so I can make sure no one is sneaking cards into their builds.

--In case of a glitch on CCGDecks, which has been known to boot players, the draft will be restarted. I apologize in advance for any technical difficulties.

--If you are not available during 8pm EST on Fridays in general, please post with some times that you are usually free. If I set this up again I will try to accommodate as many people as possible with different time tables.

--If you are interested in organizing and running a draft like this, feel free to set it up. Because everyone has different schedules, try to see what times other interested people would be able to come in the future.

List of Drafters: (I will edit this list as people sign up)

1. Grok
2. Banksy -- Alara Block
3. Buddy Christ -- Alara Block


Friday is FNM for me (and most of "in real life" Magic players). Sorry, "Grok". :(
Maybe you could try to make the draft on saturdays or sundays... just a suggestion.


I want a spot in this, and I'm voting for Alara block.


I'm also up for this.
Alara block is fine by me.


Obviously we did not have enough people to draft today, but keep an eye on the forums. I may set up another draft in the future. Thanks for signing up if you did, and I apologize for not getting enough people.


I would be interested as well, but I just found out about this now. My availability will change from week to week, but if there is some way you can contact me to invite me, I will try to join. I'm new here though, so I might not be worth the effort yet.

I've gotten accustomed to the lackey program and etiquette, and I played around with a account. So if you guys still want to plan a draft, I think I'm up for it!


Quote from: salmonofdoubt on May 06, 2011, 08:22:02 PM
Obviously we did not have enough people to draft today, but keep an eye on the forums. I may set up another draft in the future. Thanks for signing up if you did, and I apologize for not getting enough people.