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Quote from: CrazyChucky on April 13, 2019, 02:12:51 PM
Will the game be available in English? I don't know if any current plugin makers here read Japanese. That makes things difficult.

You could also try making a plugin yourself. The site has tutorials.

The game a "DCG" meaning it is digital and you can find it for IOS/Android and is currently under preparation for an english Release I believe in May 1 we'll have some actual news regard it. You can still find ways to play it as a stand alone JP app and there are couple communities around it even an English one. However, the game doesn't have that many space for Simulation people translated the cards and mechanics regard the game in the ENG communties but so far only one person made an actual plugin but its for Table Top Simulator and not for lackey, untap, octgn, etc.
There is currently an Asian release and I heard that someone made an table top simulation based on Zenonzard.
I'm not confident enough, sadly I don't have information whatever this is going to be internationally or globally released...
Hello, I've never used LackeyCCG, but I'm allowed to say that I follow The aspect of CCG, TCG, LCG, etc very directly and concretely..

Folks of Lackey's community say that the LackeyCCG can be fairly objective towards the design of any card game due to original accessories, plugins, designs, arts, etc for any card game.

So I want to offer this as an idea to everyone have heard of this card game originally based off the mobile game.

QuoteBandai Card Division launched a new brand "AI CARDDASS" of digital card game that utilizes AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, and its first title "ZENONZARD" in 2019

"ZENONZARD" is equipped with AI specialized for "trading card game". The concept of matches goes against AI vs humans, machine learning such as deep learning (Either Helping the player or being Against it) advances AI every day, and it becomes possible to develop an unprecedented heated battle, and the playing contents through the match against the player AI develops with personality by thinking, thinking and so on.

The gameplay utilities similar elements to "Battle Spirits", however, it's unquoted mechanics are to be shown when the game releases its beta lunch. They released physical copies of their structure deck's and guide for an actual gameplay... 

Game features
- PVP Matches (match mode, competitive mode)
- Tag Team Matches (Crossover Mode)
- Interaction with an AI (Leveling an AI)

Card Design

Mat Design

English Official Website

Source provided by

Group at

P.S - Can anyone implement this card game when it is released into LackeyCCG?