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Hi Alastair,

The server is not working for me, for the 3rd party Clutch Baseball plugin I have developed. It was working as recently as this fall.

The updatelink for Clutch Baseball is here. Updated with all cards from 2017 through 2021, with 2022 players coming soon. I maintain this.
Hi all,

I am trying to use cardgeneralurl to pull from, but it is not working. How should I be formatting the filenames? This used to work prior to organizing into subfolders. I will post the link to my github in a second.
Also yeah OCTGN is a great program, it's just a lot harder to set up.
Nope, when I use that autoupdate link it says "unable to download a valid updatelist.txt."

Also yeah I'm not gonna bother with checksums and all that, I just want the link.
Interesting, I will try that, thank you!

I'm not very computer savvy (well I mean that's obvious, if any of us were computer savvy we'd be using OCTGN instead haha), I didn't know that.
I've been trying for months now to set up Autoupdate on my plugin, to no avail. My users have had to manually update their files.

What I need is a legitimate guide on how this process works. The tutorial on the website seems to completely gloss over the actual autoupdate URL itself, just explaining the updatelist.txt. How will my users update their program?

Let's start at the beginning.

I'm working right now just with the plugininfo.txt before I get going on the other files.

There's my github, where you can see the updatelist.txt and the plugininfo.txt files. My CardGeneralURLs works fine. Please, can someone tell me if this set up is correct, and if so, what do I paste into the Autoupdate box in Lackey to get it to update?

And no, for the time being I can't host my files on a domain, I have to use either github, dropbox, drive, etc. I've already tried dropbox and drive and they seem completely busted for Lackey, so I guess github is the way.

I'm sorry if I come off rude, I'm just really frustrated. The tutorial is very incomplete, and there's very little in the way of information on this forum beyond "host things yourself" and "shoot me a DM".
Do you know a better hosting option than Google Drive? I'm in no way tied to google. My carddata.txt file by the way references the names of the actual files ( so aaronloup.png), and has set as 2018S1 for that card.
Hey it's me again with another question. What I want to know is, if I turn on link sharing for a google drive folder, and then use CardGeneralURLs to link to the folder online in Drive, if that folder has several subfolders (one for each set), will card images be able to update?

Here's the link by the way
I'm working on the plugin for a baseball game. Thus, there are both batters and pitchers in the game. Each type of player has something like 10-15 stats, so trying to combine pitchers and batters would make something like a 25-column long stats, with a large portion of them unused for one type or the other.

Is there a way to make a seperate card-data file for batters, and for pitchers? Or is it possible to change what each stat is, so I can have them overlap in the same 12 columns or so?
Here's the code:

<generalfunction><label>Roll Regular Die</label><kind>ROLLD20</kind><includeasbutton>yes</includeasbutton></generalfunction>
<generalfunction><label>Roll Power Die</label><kind>ROLLD24</kind><includeasbutton>yes</includeasbutton></generalfunction>
<generalfunction><label>Take Control</label><kind>CHANGEOWNER</kind></generalfunction>

Everything works except the d24.
Sorry, but that didn't work. I got the 20-sided die no problem as a button, but the 24-sided die won't work. I don't want to have to force people to use commands in the chat.
Edit: fixed it.
it requires a cardback.jpg.
I need my players to be able to roll a d24. How do I do that?