>>> LackeyCCG Change Log


This page is for logging the changes in LackeyCCG through various versions, including bug fixes and new features. This is not intended to be an in depth explanation of the changes, but merely a brief summary about what and when things changed. This page is sorted chronologically with the newest version listed at the top.

Version 130920 (build date 09/20/13)
Fixed some bugs and cleaned up the interface a bit, especially the deck editor.

Version 130915 (build date 09/15/13)
Added scrollbars to several areas, including the section that displays seats.
Added the ability to hide full size images popping out on mouse over.
Players you ignore can no longer join games you make.
If the bindings preferences has the Canned messages section on the bottom left, previews of the canned messages are displayed.

Version 120330 (build date 03/30/12)
Fixed a bug that would prevent scrolling of cards in game zone.
Fixed a bug that would make tooltips unable to be turned off.
Fixed a bug that would cause dates of some windows files (like saved screenshots) be labeled with an incorrect timestamp.
Fixed a bug that would prevent some people from hosting normal games on the server.
Fixed a bug that would cause a plugin's version check to give an erroneous message that there was an update.

Version 120308 (build date 03/08/12)
Added a number of interface improvements to make LackeyCCG more friendly to new users.
Several areas can now be collapsed (and are collapsed by default for new users).
At launch, people are given a link to the quick start video tutorials page (which I still need to update) and also are told about tooltips.
Tooltips have been added to most interface items. Mouseover something for 2.5 seconds and a text will pop up explaining it.
Removed a number of redundant (or mostly redundant) interface elements to simply the interface.
Added launch commands. You can put log commands in a file called StartUpLogCommands.txt that goes in your secure folder. When LackeyCCG launches, it will execute these commands, which can include stuff like /serverconnect or any other valid log command.

Version 120216 (build date 02/16/12)
While hovering, cards on the table now display an outline where they would appear were they not hovering.
Added new scroll wheel shortcut for scaling. Hold CTRL+ALT+scroll wheel to scale cards on the table.
Added /scalesync log function to assert that all players have the same table card scale as you.
Added /spawnx function to spawn multiple cards at a time.
Added /exchangeclockwise (and /exchangecounterclockwise) log commands to let people exchange their hands.
Added /copyzonetodeckeditor log command to copy the contents of a deck zone to the deck list in the deck editor.
Added /copyzonetocardpool log command to copy the contents of a deck zone to the card pool in the deck editor.
Added an option in the packs browser window to genenerate and send a pack or random deck directly to a player's zone.
Fixed a bug that could cause games on the server to display the wrong number of people (and therefore appear to be joinable when they are not).
Fixed a bug that would make the Reveal X browser window visible when not in the game window.
Fixed a bug where Scaling mode (which is enabled when you left click the scale button) would not display a cursor label "Scaling".

Version 120209 (build date 02/09/12)
Added /addpack log command.
Added /shufflealldecks log command.
Redid appearance preference panel. Removed outdated, obsolete, or redundant preferences. Made the preferences more intuitive.
Table markings (arrows and exes) and card counters are now done via images. A plugin can override the default images.
Card counters can now be displayed in one of three styles: text only, images only, and text over image. Each has seperate font/image size preferences.
Fixed mac version text-to-speech preference bug.
Fixed more shared zone related bugs.

Version 120203 (build date 02/03/12)
Card Funcions can now be called as log commands. E.g., "/cardfunction1" (or "/cf1") will invoke the first card function on selected cards. You can string them together with semicolons, like other commands.
Shared Zone functions have been improved, with additional "Reveal to" and "Reveal top X" sorts of functions.
Fixed a bug that would cause unbound keys and buttons to execute all unbound functions.
Fixed a bug that prevented card sound preferences from being saved.

Version 120128 (build date 01/28/12)
The main thing in this build is a fix that prevented the previous version from launching on windows and linux. Linux users that are still unable to launch may need to open Terminal, type "winetricks vcrun2008" and run the installer that launches.

Version 120124 (build date 01/24/12)
Plugin makers can now use ListOfCardSoundFiles.txt in a plugin to automate filling in the Sounds column. This is an extension of the card sounds function introduced in version 111123.
In addition to card sounds being played, when card sounds are missing, the names of cards can be spoken in the same manner as you could play card sounds. This only works on the mac version at present.
Plenty of bugs were fixed, including some issues that made items on the table appear on top of eachother in an unexpected manner.
Some more of the Shared Card Zone functions have been added and some bugs specific to them have been fixed, but I am still working on this.
NOTE: This Version was initially erroneously labeled as 120224, implying it was released in February. That was a typo and it should have been 120124.

Version 111123 (build date 11/23/11)
Plugin makers can now add card sounds to plugins that play when cards are played. The card sounds can also be played implicitly by users.
Fixed some depth related bugs.
When a deck is loaded, the Shuffle sound now plays.
Scripts in canned messages can now be labeled. E.g., "!Set Display!/zoom;/scale;/tilt;/pancenter;/erasedrawing" will appear as "!Set Display!" .
Lackey can now better import funky characers such as Ÿ or smart quotes.
Automatically sorting cards on the table has been disabled (possibly temporarily). This is the option so a card that is higher in the Y axis will appear on the top (or bottom) of lower cards.

Version 111119 (build date 11/19/11)
Plugin makers can now make cards hover on the table.
Players can now customize key bindings.
Plugin makers can define default keybindings (that override the lackey default bindings for their plugin).
The area to the right of the table is now separated into 3 tabs: Zones, Tokens, and SoundShare.
The buttons below the table, and the zone tabs now automatically fit to the size allotted.

Version 111104 (build date 11/04/11)
I fixed some bugs, including some involving shared zones.
Function buttons that appear below the table and zone tabs that appear over the zone area below the table will now resized based on the allotted width.
There is now the option to declare in plugininfo.txt <definition><kind>DOTOKENSDISAPPEAROFFTABLE</kind><value>yes</value></definition> and that will make tokens moved off the table NOT disappear. By default, they do disappear when moved off the table.
You can now enter the log command to shuffle a specifc zone by name (including shared zones), like "/shuffle Hand".

Version 111027 (build date 10/27/11)
Started logging changes in versions at http://lackeyccg.com/changelog.html.
Added screenshot ability, and screenshot gallery creator. (only saves screenshots as .bmp for now)
Added SoundShare interface in the Other tab. This makes sharing sounds convenient and fun.
All sounds now should go in either the general lackey sounds folder, sounds/, or the plugin-specific folder, plugins/PLUGINNAME/sounds/. Use of the chat/ subdirectory in both sounds/ folders is now obsolete. Plugin makers: You may need to update your updatelist.txt files if you have sounds listed as being downloaded to the obsolete chat/ folder. They should now go the parent sounds folder.
All canned messages are now localized to each plugin, and each plugin's canned messages are independent of the other plugin's canned messages. These are saved in pluginpreferences.txt and if you have never saved canned messages for a plugin (such as when you freshly install it), you will have the initial canned messages set to the contents of that plugin's defaultchat.txt. If a plugin does not have a defaultchat.txt, then Lackey will use general default canned message values. As a side effect of this change, old canned messages will not be preserved from older versions of LackeyCCG.