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What is LackeyCCG?

LackeyCCG is a tool for playing any type of card game online (or offline in solitaire mode). It is also a great tool for building and designing decks. You can create your own card game or download a plugin of an existing game and play with your friends.


How to install LackeyCCG:

1 - Download lackeyccg program from one of those URLs:

Windows Version

Mac/OSX Version

Linux Version

Ipad Version
Available on Apple Store

2 - Unzip it to a folder easy to remember.

3 - Open LackeyCCG.exe

4 - Go to "Plugin:war3000" tab and paste one of this two URLs:

for fast pc / high resolution screens


for slow pc / low resolution screens


* It is recommended check the option "Automatically check for plugin updates?" with that program always will update when new plugin version is available.

5 - Click on "Install or Update from URL!" and wait until download of all files finish.

6 - After download finish click on "load vtes plugin now!"
* if an error occurs or the above message not show try step 4 and 5 again.

Have a fun!


How to connect to official server and find more players:

1 - To build a deck click on “Deck Editor” tab and after finish don’t forget to save it OR you can use a Precon Deck clicking in "Browse" button. You also can convert decks from eld format (FELD/ARDB/Etc.) to lackeyccg format and vice-versa using feld2lackey.exe (windows only) program include in main lackeyccgfolder (only work with decks saved in txt format on lackeyccg).

In "Deck Editor" you can use a "Format" list to filter cards by Library, Crypt, Storyline and Any (all).
The deck conversion program not recognizes some VtES cards, check your decks after conversion.

2 - After setup your nick name and personal info, go to “Server” tab, click on "Refresh Server list from the tracker" button and then connect to the official lackeyccg server OR you can connect to a alternate server using "Connect to a Server from IP"

3 - After connection to the official lackeyccg server you will see a main server window where you can see another players and another’s games (magic, wow, 5rings, etc.), you can talk to another players in below Chat, join a game available in the right "Description" field or host your own game clicking in "Host a game..."

If you have problems to enter in LackeyCCG official server or to connect to a IP game please read this following page:


How to play:

1 - Connect to a Official Server, to a alternate IP Server or create a game without a server by clicking in "Host a IP Game" under "Main Menu".

2 - Join or host (create) a game.

3 - Wait for all other players enter in Main Game Window.

4 - Roll a D20 dice right-clicking on the game table and then clicking in "Roll D20" or typing: /rolld20 on the chat below.

5 - Sit chairs in left avatar pane following prey / predator order defined by dice roll (you can use seating order cards under tokens tab to mark positions).

6 - Load your deck by right clicking in your avatar's button and then "Load Your Recent Deck" OR you can go to the "Deck Editor" tab, click on "Browse" button, choose a deck on that menu and then "Load Deck to You".

7 - The player in first chair choose where in table he or she will put his minions (crypt cards) by clicking on "Draw Crypt" button on meu under the game table. Then, the second players put his cards on the game table and so on until all players position themselves in the game table. To peek turned down cards on the table, simply click on card and press SHIFT.

8 - To play cards from hand to table just drag and drop the card to the game table or right click on it and click "Play".

9 - To pay cost of cards, influence minions, gain or lose pool / vp use controls in your avatar.

10 - To shift turn phases or shift from one player to another, just click in the arrow controls bellow your avatar colored bar.

11 - To customize lackeyccg interface (table and program background, images, avatar, windows colors, keyboard shortcuts, sounds, fonts and more). Go to "Preferences" tab and make LackeyCCG the way you want.

12 - Good Game.



To see card images, just pass mouse over the card name and wait lackeyccg download it or if you want to download all images at once you need to go to: "Preferences" > "Miscellaneous" and tick the option "Allow pre-downloading images for offline use?" and click on "Download all missing card images" on Plugin:vtes tab. The entire card images package it's about 210mb.

To see your crypt face down cards on table just mouse over desired card and press shift.

To see shortcut bar with macro messages like Bleed, Hunt, Strike, just press +plus/-minus button above chat window.

If program ask for a update you just need to run lackey updater (LackeyCCG Updater.exe) inside lackeyccg folder. This only updates the program, vtes game updates automatically every time a new version comes, but you can manually update it doing step 4 from instalation tutorial above if you like.

To see your cards in right panel instead of bottom of game table or to see tokens menu or sound share tab just press +plus/-minus button on right top corner of program.

To convert decks from .eld format to lackeyccg format and vice-versa you can use feld2lackey.exe (windows only) program include in lackeyccg folder (only work with decks saved in .txt format on lackeyccg). Some cards are not converted, check your decks before play.

If you or someone drop from game or if program crash you can back to game and request to previous turn player load a autosave by pressing "Revert to Autosave1" in "Main Menu".

To talk with other players using voice, you can use Skype program interface built in on lackeyccg. Download Skype from URL bellow and configure your account in "Preferences" > "Player Profile". To create a group chat in Skype just press blue phone icon in your avatar on left side of game tab (only works if another players also have setup theirs accounts on lackeyccg).

The Windows version of LackeyCCG has only english as a native keyboard layout (the Mac version works without problems), because of that, some characters typed into the chat/log with other keyboard languages does not always come out right (letters exchanged or missing).

If you have questions, suggestions or complaints about the LackeyCCG program (about the program, not on the plugin LackeyCCG VTES) just go to the official forum by clicking the link below:

Tutorial Created By Fernando Cesar - Sydnelson
E-Mail / Skype:

Last Updated: 16/JUL/2018