LackeyCCG VTES Plugin - Changelog

3.42 - 21/JANUARY/2020

Fixed a bug that show 8 duplicated vampires on deck editor that makes the cards look wrong

3.40 - 14/JANUARY/2020

Added Ragnarök, the Final Battle and Budapest 2012 storyline cards

Added latest expansion icon to all card images

Added new First Blood cards and changes

Fixed .DEK format save (for now on files saved on this format will work even after a update)

Updated text database to latest card list (revised CSV was removed) (04/NOV/2019)

Updated entire card image database

Update some Assamite cards (not complete since CSV is not released yet)

3.30 - 19/SEPTEMBER/2019

Added new promo cards

Added new 25th Anniversary cards and changes

Fixed images with missing icons and wrong texts

3.20 - 19/FEBRUARY/2019

Added Sabbat Preconstructed expansion

Added new token Black Hand

Added sounds to call attention of players (Nudge and Nudgi text shortcuts on chat)

Updated text database to latest revised card list (04/FEB/2019)

Updated over 900+ card images fixing bugs and updating texts

Removed FELD2Lackey program (now FELD can save LackeyCCG VtES decks natively)

3.00 - 17/JULY/2018

Added Lost Kindred expansion

Added copyright and trademark notice to plugin documentation

Added Dark Pack to main page for copyright compliance

Added fan made storyline Antipodean Awakening

Added new tokens and updated old ones

Added contest speech sound

Updated text database to revised official card list reflecting new texts and rulings

Updated entire card image database with new card texts and better image quality (thanks to Ke Carlton, Martin Weinmayer, Igor Beslin, Karl Schaefer and Christopher J. Malec)

Updated cards texts from storyline sets to new lock/unlock keywords

Updated FELD2Lackey Tool INI, now 99% of cards are converted (Advanced vampires not work)

Updated background images

Removed "Create Edge" function from table right click, now Edge is under tokens tab on the right pane

*Note some cards names are changed (allies loose their sub-type in text name), please check your decks for missing cards before play

2.72 - 22/05/2017

Fixed missing disciplines and text from new cards

Updated few card images (thanks to Igor Beslin for review)

2.71 - 12/05/2017

Fixed some incorrect data and texts

v2.70 - 12/05/2017

Added Burn option to card texts

Added Nergal Prince of Hell and Cultist card backs

Updated rulebook

Added new voice sounds

Added new Anthology cards

Added new Ascension of Caine Storyline cards

Added new card images with new Anthology illustrations

v2.60 - 18/JAN/2016

Added new expasion Anarchs Unbound

Update Edge image

Update banned cards

v2.51 - 18/APR/2015

Added new promo from Storyline Rewards 2015

Correct few cards texts

v2.50 - 20/MAR/2015

Correct few cards filters

Added Red Sign 2015 storyline cards

v2.40 - 23/FEB/2015

Updated rarity of Danse Macabre and Unaligned expansions

Added advanced flags to filters work with Unaligned vampires

Added new promos from Storyline Rewards 2015

Removed accentuation from card texts and artists (lackeyccg don't handle well with accentuation)

Rename Feld2Lackey folder (now it will download and works right)

v2.30 - 04/OCT/2014

Added new expansion Unaligned, The

Added new storyline Returned, The

v2.20 - 10/OCT/2013

Added new expansion Danse Macabre

Added more chat sounds

Set interface icons to vtes game only

Updated all cards text matching with latest VEKN changes

Added a watermark to banned cards

Added a format filter to banned cards

Update Jyhad and VtES expansions card images to latest text and layout

v2.10 - 18/SEPT/2013

Update skin and interface icons (thanks for Chris)

Change phase images size

Added imbued rules, anarch and corruption counters as tokens (again)

Added rulebook (to access it type /rulebook on chat)

Added option to permanent change control of cards

Added sounds

Added new backgrounds and avatars

Added FELD2LACKEY program

v2.02c - 21/FEB/2013

Fixed Advanced vampires names

v2.02b - 19/FEB/2013

Missing crypt cardbacks fix

v2.02 - 19/FEB/2013

Changed counters positions on High Definition plugin

Update texts and image files of the following cards to match with Team Rulings 02-DEC-2011:
- Free States Rant
- Island of Yiaros
- Gratiano
- Adaptability
- Death Pact
- Fire Dance
- Merrill Molitor
- Psyche!
- Coordinate Attacks
- Domain of Evernight
- Pocket Out of Time
- Villein

Added phase icons (imported from old vtesonline)

Update background image

v2.01 - 11/AUG/2011

Added imbued rules as tokens

Added table background image with basic table setups and how to play

Added VtES and Jyhad decks to packs\draft simulation

Added plugin checker, now lackey autoupdate vtes plugin when new version is available

v2.0 - 02/AUG/2011

Corrected several cards requirements, texts and rarities

Added cardback to crypt

Added anarch and corruption tokens

Created a Hi-Resolution set with all cards

Added Research Area

Added all booster expansions to packs\draft simulation

v1.08 - 28/OCT/2010

Corrected several cards requirements, texts and rarities

Added missing Artist names for latest promos

v1.075 - 13/MAR/2010

Corrected several cards requirements, texts and rarities

Added new Heirs to the Blood reprinted cards scans

Added new Storyline Battle Lines cards texts and scans

v1.07 - 08/FEB/2010

Added new expansion Heirs to the Blood

Added burn option to card texts

Edit image of Murder of Crows and Approximation of Loyality with corrected costs

v1.065 - 03/OCT/2009

Added new storyline Eden's Legacy promo cards (low card images for a while)

Added real image from Gwendolyn Fleming card

Too many corrections and changes in card names and in the database

File server improvement with new folders structure

Added draft of some expansions (very experimental at this stage)

v1.062 - 09/JUN/2009

Corrected some missing card images and texts

v1.061 - 08/JUN/2009

Change Marrakesh Codex name (now is typed correctly)

Added better scans for new promos

v1.06 - 08/JUN/2009

Added new expansion Ebony Kingdom

Too many corrections and changes in card texts and in the database

Added missing Rarity of some NoR cards

v1.052 - 23/APR/2009

Added new promo cards

- Abactor
- Fourth Cycle, The
- Inceptor
- Marrakesh Codex, The
- Rogue
- Rubicon
- Salt of Thoth
- SchreckNET

v1.051 - 14/MAR/2009

Added better scans for KoT cards

Added some missing images (real card scans this time)
- Imperator
- Kaymakli Fragment

Added precon decks from:
- Sabbat Wars
- Final Nights
- Legacies of Blood

Minor changes in card texts

v1.05 - 08/JAN/2009

Added The Return of Nergal (Infernal Plague II) Storyline Deck and cards scans

Added better scans for a lot of cards

Added link to FELD2LACKEY deck conversion tool to official tutorial page
(thanks to Eduardo Kazan for this tool)

v1.042 - 22/DEC/2008

Added some missing images (images created in
- Imperator
- Kaymakli Fragment
- Gwendolyn Fleming
- Osric Vladislav

v1.041 - 21/NOV/2008

Folder structure complete changed

Setinfo.txt, allsets.txt and cultist.txt updated 

Added some missing images

v1.04 - 20/NOV/2008

Added Keepers of Tradition 3 missing vampires;
- Gwendolyn Fleming
- Hiram "Hide" DeVries
- Osric Vladislav

Added Black Miracles and Lies promos;
- Imperator [Promo-20081023]
- Kaymakli Fragment [Promo-20081023]

Added better quality card images;

Added Artist field to all cards (including Cultist Deck);

Minor changes and corrections in cards names and text.

v1.04 BETA - 18/NOV/2008

Added Keepers of Tradition expansion set (still missing some cards reprint images);

Added Keepers of Tradition pre-constructed decks and promos;
- Two Wrongs [Promo-20081119]
- Subdued by the Blood [Promo-20081119]
- House of Sorrow [Promo-20081119]
- Lay Low [Promo-20081119]

Updated all cards rarities and expansions sets to match with new expansion;

Changed back Cultist and all pre-constructed decks to .TXT extension to preserve compatibility with old and new versions of VTES Plugin.

v1.03 - 20/AUG/2008

Added new 2 promos from Anarchs and Alastors Storyline;
- Flames of Insurrection [Promo-AAS]
- Public Enemy [Promo-AAS]

Added Anarchs and Alastors Storyline card images

Added Blood Shadowed Court card images

Updated all cards rarities and expansions sets

Changed Cultist and pre-constructed decks to .DEK extension

Minor changes in cards text

v1.02 - 30/MAY/2008

Added new expansion Twilight Rebellion

v1.01 - 02/MAR/2008

Added more card counters

Added 8 New Promo Cards (low quality meanwhile):
- Cloak of the Abalone [Promo-20080203] 
- Convergence [Promo-20080203] 
- Nergal [Promo-20080203] 
- Path of the Void [Promo-20080203] 
- Reliquary: Shango Remains [Promo-20080203] 
- Sound of a Breaking Oath [Promo-20080203] 
- Treaty of Laibach [Promo-20080203] 
- Walks-With-Might [Promo-20080203]

Some card texts corrections and card images changes

v1.0 - 2007

Initial release