This is a plugin to play the Star Wars card game using LackeyCCG. Now you can play the Star Wars card game online as well as play your Star Wars online RPG games and other video games. The Star Wars franchise has inspired not only many video games and tabletop games, but also books, comics, and graphic novels. One of the earliest games was designed for the Atari system in 1982 and was based on The Empire Strikes Back.

The plugin currently contains all of the expansions (The Phantom Menace, Rogues and Scoundrels, The Empire Strikes Back, Jedi Guardians, Battle of Yavin, A New Hope, Sith Rising, Attack of the Clones, Return of the Jedi, Revenge of the Sith, Fall of the Republic, and Scum and Villainy).

The IDC sets, Fall of the Republic,Scum and Villainy, and Republic at War have come to LackeyCCG. Information about the IDC sets can be found at here.

NEW: Autoupdate!!! Installing or updating a plugin couldn't be easier.
A cool new feature in Lackey is AutoUpdate. If you have the new Lackey with AutoUpdate, just type in the following URL in the Preferences->Plugin panel, and hit the "Update from URL" button. Everything should be downloaded automatically and put in its proper place. Then relaunch Lackey and start playing right away. All the card images will download as you need them.

Make sure you have the latest version of LackeyCCG from http://www.lackeyccg.com/downloads.html

Medium Quality High Quality

While the high quality version of the plugin is larger, and on many cards the text is easier to read, the scans for many of the cards are not great. If you know of a place where there are better scans of all star wars cards at high resolution, please let me know. (starwars@lackeycc.com).

There are a whole bunch of great avatars you can use at the avatars page. That page even has AutoUpdate URLs for easy downloading.

Here's a good playmat for you to use: sw.jpg

www.LackeyCCG.com - The official site for LackeyCCG.
The official site for the Star Wars CCG
RebelBasers - A Star Wars CCG Fan Site

Legal Notice:
All Star Wars CCG content is the property of Wizards of the Coast and Lucasfilm. You may download the plugin only with the owner's permission or have purchased the cards and have a legal right to use them by means of "fair use"