Pokemon Plugin for LackeyCCG

LackeyCCG is a program to play collectible card games online.

To learn how to install the plugin, you can watch the tutorial videos at http://lackeyccg.com/gettingstarted.html

To update or install this plugin, copy the this link (https://pkmncards.com/lackey/updatelist.txt) to your clipboard.
And then in lackey's Plugins panel, and click the "Paste AutoUpdate URL" button and then hit the "Install or Update from URL" button.

Card images should download as needed.

Note: There was once 2 versions of this plugin (medium and high). There is now just one version. If you were using the medium version before, you should delete that plugin and use the new link to install/update.


Official LackeyCCG website: http://www.lackeyccg.com

This page, the Pokemon Plugin Page