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Question regarding card shapes

Started by broccolisbane, August 10, 2011, 11:54:56 PM

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I'm interested in building a plugin for a tabletop game called Twilight Imperium, and have a few questions regarding capabilities. First, can the program use non-rectangular cards? If so, can you use multiple shapes? The game needs larger hex tiles, as well as rectangular cards. If no other functions provide it, I'd also need smaller circular cards to represent ships and other game elements.

On another related topic, is private messaging within games in any way possible? I big part of the game is passing notes.


You can use transparent gifs, but also consider if having a table image would be more appropriate, if there are set tiles.

I will add whispers to game chat now. CUrrently they are only in server chat.


That now has an entry for whisper commands, but it won't actually work until I post the new version of Lackey.


if your looking for a good example of what lackey can do then look at my unfinished settlers of catan plugin