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What are the most popular tabletop figurine games?

Started by Trevor, April 14, 2011, 06:26:11 AM

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I want to research how several different tabletop minis games work so that I can figure out the sorts of things that I need to add to Lackey to make them all playable.

I didn't make Lackey to play any specific CCG. The same goes for tabletop minis games. I want to make Lackey able to play any existing mini games, and allow people to design their own new minis games.

If you know about minis, please help me out in this endeavor.

What are the 5 most popular minis games, and where is a good link to a tutorial on how to play them?

Bob the Builder

Also try Heroclix.. Lord of the Rings Minis, Warhammer 40k, Battletech, and now the new Pokemon minis


warmachine is a big one
along with heroscape

warmachine how to play:

heroscape how to play:

both the links give basic info on how to play, ill try and find a better tutorial for both


Heroclix is awesome. Marvel, DC, etc... all your favorite superheroes!


Necromunda was always one of my favorites. Heroscape is also a rather fun one, but mostly aimed at younger players with the very simple rule sets.


Pirates of the spanish main still remains pretty popular. didn't find the rules on line but I can always post the full ones up here if need be.

However I think the best bets for mini games are ones that use a grid like map. Hero clix is the most popular CMG right now and may need some work in translating the combat dial to something workable.  The WoW Minis were not that bad either when they came out and neither where D&D Minis and Star Wars.

My only concern would be with games like mage knight, pirates and I believe warhammer are that the movements are measured with a ruler. also heroscape uses different levels of terrain and line of sight they use is, if you can see any part of the fig from where  the attacking fig is, then you can attack- which would be nigh impossible in a virtual setting.


Warhammer is easily the biggest. It's the #1 miniatures game without question.

The second most popular right now is probably Warmachines.

Behind those, I would say Heroclix, Heroscape, and Mageknight probably round out the top 5.


those lists are great but lets add too that a bit



Navia Dratp

humm I had more but it looks like you guys have them covered :)


Quote from: Alastair on April 14, 2011, 06:17:23 PM
Necromunda was always one of my favorites. Heroscape is also a rather fun one, but mostly aimed at younger players with the very simple rule sets.

I would kill for a necromunda game on the PC... But i'm not sure how well it would work with Lackey, since it's terrain is very 3 dimensional.


I'm not sure if Lackey can do most minis games... BUT could be the forefather of a new subtype of minis games


I kind of liked the WoW minis game, but it went belly-up rather quickly. o.o

The Dungeons and Dragons miniature game was pretty fun (and simple to design, I'd think), and I'd be interested in helping out in the design of it.