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If you are a programmer and want to help, please introduce yourself. Either in this thread or in an email to me if you don't want your info public, tell me your name and contact info, and a short summary of what you know about that might help.

I'd like to get some AIM names of a few programmers so that if I get a programming question at some random time, I can find someone online and maybe they will be able to give me a quick answer.

Not sure how much help I'll be, as I have next to no experience with compiled apps.  However I've been doing web development professionally since '98, and have experience with building free public tools for community use. 

I run , and have written a web app there which allows folks to conduct offline/hotseat/direct-IP leagues (a feature which the retail game is sorely missing)

googleTalk: jon.c.schultz at gmail dot com
MSN: bootylactin at hotmail dot com

I'm currently working on a LackeyCCG plugin for Fantasy Flight Game's new Living Card Game, Lord of the Rings: The Card Game.  It's nearly complete, and will be available publicly soon.

I'm not sure how much I can offer to help, since I have a fulltime job, but if you want to network about networking, game languages, game modeling (the most of which I know about is networking, mostly client server, not P2P or NAT traversal--there are probably good toolkits for those now anyway), I can lend an ear.  I know a lot about Java (Swing) and web technologies.

Here are a couple of wikipedia entries that I could use some help with:

My AIM name is yottzumm


I also have a full time job and one more part time job beacuse of loans. that part time job is freelaancing on internet. i am good in web development, know php and java and still learning .net framework and C++

Hi John,

I updated the entry to add some others I know of.

--- Quote from: yottzumm on August 06, 2011, 05:07:48 pm ---Here are a couple of wikipedia entries that I could use some help with:

--- End quote ---


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