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Billy, did Serios attempt to cheat? No. All you said was discard 5, he didn't see anything else nor read the card was random, so he didn't know. He then proceeded to take the cards he discarded out of grave and randomly discard. So his cheating as you call it was fixed, everyone saw it and tried to explain it to you. Everyone saw what he did, we discussed it publicly and we were all aside of you pleased with how he did it.

So, having proceeded to pick his cards back up and randomly discard, that should be it one would think. Everyone else in the room saw what Serios did and was pleased that he met the requirements of a random discard. it is for the simple fact you proceeded to spam the chat repeatedly saying thinking, MISE! and attack that really made it an annoyance from you. Combine that with threatening bodily harm and possibly life being taken, that is why this report is here. The fact you said SLIT SOMEONES THROAT is something you can NOT justify as simple anger. You didn't threaten to show up on his porch and punch him out, you didn't threaten to show up and beat him up, you threatened possible murder via cutting his throat.

IF Trevor doesn't ban you, do yourself a favor and please get some help for your anger issues. I understand getting mad, but you have taken things too far for alot of us and although we know you will probably change your name, do yourself and step away from the keyboard and take a deep breath. I understand internet drama, but this is taking it above and beyond that when you threaten possible murder whether or not you have the capability to carry it through is irrelevant in the long haul.

Serios knows MTG rules inside and out, knows how to read and knows the LackeyCCG interface. Mind twist is an iconic card, and he paused for a good while before trying to slip his cards into the discard without doing it randomly. He was attempting to bypass the worst effects of Mind Twist because he was angry for being forced to discard. It plainly says to discard at random, and he didn't. He knew exactly what he was doing.

Which is why when I called him out, he purposefully delayed, then refused to discard randomly - instead insisting on doing some odd manual discard that I was supposed to take on faith as actually random. No, of course I'm not going to agree to that. It's not normal, it's not necessary, and it light of his suspicious behavior it's not intelligent.

Your rhetoric about an internet threat is as unconvincing as it is pathetic. People say mean things all the time on the internet that they don't intend. But not everyone acts like a gang of thugs to people they don't know. You and your friends did just that, and deserve more than a slap on the wrist. You're deluded enough to believe you are correct, when in fact you represent the worst aspects of friendship bias, and the lies they tell to justify it.

Let's stop focusing on words and start paying attention to actions - when friends gang up on new players and try to turn everything against one person, they tear apart the little bit of community this card game builds.

Alot of us who use lackey are grown up enough to handle things. Some people we may not get to like, while others we might straight up hate. insults get thrown around, sure. I admit I get hate at times more than most, but I deal with it instead of coming here usually. However, one thing I dont take is when someone has to go and sink to a low level of personal insults that truly are 100% classless.

StAislez and myself have never really gotten along, and I dont enter rooms he is hosting, and usually he wont enter any I am either. Today, we wound up in a room hoasted by someone else, I pointed out a mistake that was made and he decided to have to take a go at me before he left. If someone wants to call me an ahole, a douche, whatever, so be it. I have dealt with it many a times on here. However, I will NOT stand for him calling me a pedophile. I dont care who you are, you do NOT get away with referring to someone as a child molester.

Screencapped and with time stamps as of Eastern Standard time.

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Hey trevor its me again
at 17:44:22 i asked Incz to leave my game becuase I didnt want to play him. As a person who was hosting the game I assume I have that right. He refused to leave and then after I disconnected from the game he followed me to the other games I created. Eventually he told me to make a game with a password on it and i started to ignore him.


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