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Someone is pretending they are me on Lackey today (10/8/11). they are using the name Institute and claimed that I (as Institute2--the only way I could log on) was the "fake Institute" (said at 16:12:20).

Doc wont leave games when asked and keeps insulting people. I believe he changed his name to McFuzz and is still doing it, but either way both Doc and McFuzz are bothering people and won't leave games

Bill refuses to leave games, also goes by everbeentouranus

Ironic that this Wolfox guy says that when he does the exact same thing all the time. Hilarious!

There is a guy i've been seeing around named bednus. He's constantly fighting with people in the main server chat, basically being a standard e-badass.

He honestly reminds me a bit of Sei. I'm mostly just posting this here as a "keep an eye out" for him type of deal, but every day he's doing the same old same old.


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