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When someone says stuff in the server that you think is so severe that it requires banning, post in this thread, or a PM to me, the following:

The time things were said.
The person who said them.
What was said that warrants banning.

Lackey now records all things said in the log, and all IPs of those who say them. Even if someone tries to change their name, I will still be able to trace their IP. No one can claim they were being impersonated any more. So if someone is being extremely offensive, that person can be dealt with ex post facto.

I will post a set of rules for what is and is not appropriate when I get more time. Until then, the golden rule is: Don't be a douchebag. Follow that rule and you won't get banned.

Also remember that you can add people to your ignore list. Just select their name, and click the ignore button and you won't see their comments.

To help you report people you think need reporting, you can click the "Dump log to file" button which will save everything in the server chat to a file at secure/ServerChatLogDump.txt. It includes time stamps. You can open it up, and delete the irrelevant parts. Send the evidence of bannable conduct to I will look at your time stamps, and be able to confirm who said what and take the appropriate course of action.

Just a reminder, the following is unacceptable behavior:

Refusing to leave a game, or rejoining a game when you have been told to leave.
Changing your name or doing anything else to circumvent the ignore ability.

You can get banned for this sort of harassment.

Dr. Zaj:
Hello, Trevor. I was playing a nice game of EDH on lackey when along came a guy who used the name "MIKE." I've seen him before and I knew that he only existed to mess up games. This time was no different, he took half of my deck and put it into my graveyard and did the same thing to another player. Then we had a short little battle where we had to continuously kick him out of the seat, problem was that he kept kicking us out of our seats too. Mike told me that he had just came back from his 5th ban. However, this guy clearly only comes onto lackey to traumatized Magic players by calling them quote "faggot mexicans" for playing a game that he considers "gay". I suggest that he banned, permanently this time. Please get back to me on this, Trevor. I am really sick of this guy. Thank you for reading.

That douche goes by MIKE, Spin, Trypio, Hola mang, Cocco Lupia, Holy C, doc, Reg, Jamz, Kegg, and who knows else.

I will ban him again, but each time he changes his IP, I need to ban him again. Since everyone isn't required to use a login/password, there is little I can do besides ban a person based on an IP, and if they are able to change it, there isn't much that can be done, without imposing a bunch of annoying stuff on everyone.

Dr. Zaj:
Ok, thank you, Trevor. It is a little immature to change your IP every time you get banned just so you can keep annoying people. I wish he'd just get a life and leave people alone. I appreciate your concern.  :)


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