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Ventrilo Server

Started by Alastair, November 08, 2009, 06:50:41 PM

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For those in the Lackey community who'd like to use voice chat, feel free to join us at port 3785. The vent server is on its own server at a data center and can currently handle up to 40 people. The vent is also home to several other gaming groups such as a few WoW guilds, Star Wars Galaxies, Lord of the Rings Online, etc.... so hop on in! :)

If you dont have vent you can get it at:

Ventrilo Server (Hostname):
port: 8810
No password required.

Please note that multiple people connecting from the same LAN will need to contact either myself or another Server Admin in Ventrilo to have an account created. It doesn't cost anything and only takes a moment. It is however required from those wanting to connect more than once from the same IP.


Voice chat sure makes CCGs a lot more fun.


I've been thinking how neat it would be to have voice chat while doing this. Awesome.


Well, I had offered it up several times before on the old forums. Figured I'd make sure that little bit of info made it to the new forums here :)


when ever i go on there is only like 2 maybe 4 others on there.


Ya, I've seen you connect every now and then. Always wondered who ya were :)



i'm trying to connect, never used it before. It wont let me connect without a hostname?

High Hat

Thought it might be a great place to pass the time during server downtime.

Cept nobody's there. I cried. :(


I'm there by proxy till Friday morning. Over at Vendain's house visiting and will be starting the long drive back home Fri morning.


thought it would be a cool place too hook up for games while the server is down, its empty


Usually is, at least as far as lackey users go.


It'd be really great if people were using it. I'll be on there for a bit if anyone wants to join me in order to play some MtG


do you need to download the client to use that server?


Yes, you have to download the Ventrilo client. It's a rather small download and doesn't use that many resources to run.