TCG CCG Image Torrent Add-On Available : Cyberpunk , OP, X-Men

Started by Jigz, July 02, 2010, 04:28:19 PM

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I was able to connect to a proxy and download the .torrent file!!
I'm downloading the cards!!!
2 things:
-Does someone have the last expansion of  Anachranism - 09.rar correct??? If you open the rar the files inside are web pages!!! (edit: no longer needed, a new plugin is available)
-Does someone have the rulebook for Age of Empires??? (and the complete card collection?)



For people who don't want to use a private tracker I added this here

Any update will be coming soon
So far I have

Ani-Mayhem complete
Overpower about 90% complete
Wizards of Mickey Complete (French)

Need to scan (Will be a while scanner broke)
Shaman King
Zatch Bell Base Set


I'll go ahead and sticky this, at least for a while, so it's easier for people to find and participate with.


Thanks Alastair. ;D ;D ;D

Jorch72: I don't know what is up with your copy of Anachronism 9, mine extracts as jpgs.
            Also I do not have a Rule Book for Age of Empires, will look more before I post the update.

Snooby:  Yeah several of these are from your lackey plug-ins as well as several torents and CCG Pages.
             I really appreciate all your work as well as that of the others who have scanned images.
             I will be adding my own scans once my scanner is fixed.

Update info
I will be posting an update in the next couple of days.
I have found close to 40 more rule books that will be included
Hoping to have 10-15 more card games including:
    The Overpower update (over 1700 total cards 1400 of which are new)
    Several foreign cards games and sets of English games

More info will be added when the update is released.

Anyone with info on cards I do not have scans of please let me know.  I am always trying to update my collection further.  I will continue to put out updates as an easy place for people to get card images as long as I get more cards.  Thank you.


 Jigz where you able to open and see the jpgs??  Because the files inside the .rar are named .jpg but if you open them with any text editor, you see that its, a web page.  Can you please check?

Also, I have 2 card games you haven't mentioned: Groo and Army of Darkness.
I'm trying to get a scanner to scan the cards.


The battletech plugin Standalone HIGH RESOLUTION 

so you can print off the cards and they look great.  Just resize them to regular card size


jorch don't know what's up with that but your right
unfortunately I don't have the original images any more


Card images for Ani-Mayhem are available, . Please do give credit.


 Hey Jigz,

Any news on the update???



Sorry forgot to post

I have had trouble uploading the new torrent.

I am also currently starting the process of opening my comic and game shop and haven't had much time to work on anything else.
The update probably won't be up until after the Grand opening the Day after Thanksgiving.

As a plus I am trying to buy a couple large Raw Deal collections and will have a new scanner by that time.  So my collection of new scans should be rather large.  The shop will be in Vinita, OK, about 40 min NE of Tulsa.

Thanks for the patience


It isn't a torrent but I did find card pictures and rules the the Dredd CCG online here:


Thanks for the Info Guys, Already have Ani-Mayhem and Some Dredd but I will take a look


I can't see the entire contents of the torrent, but it's clear that B5 isn't the latest version.  I don't really mind this service being here, as long you can make it clear that players should run autoupdate afterwards if possible to get the latest version (of all the games).  Similarly, if you happen to have the Rage rulebook up, please remove it as the original rulebook is long out of date.


Yeah many of these do not follow current Lackey plugin form, such as B5.  My sources are wide spread including old versions of plug- ins.

As for the rage rule book, a completionist like me wants all versions of the rules.  Also I like to play some of these "Dead" games based on the initial rule set not the current ones.  So if it is an old one I am fine with that.

I put this up for people to use how they wish,  some are lackey compatible (same naming) but some are not.  I put it here mainly for the games not currently available on Lackey.  Someone may want to make a new plug-in, I don't have enough time for that, the gathering of these takes most of my free time.

Thanks for mentioning it though,  I may get the new b5 images to compare to what I have.


Jigz, you may be 'fine' with these things but if there is current support for a game (in the form of plugins or updated information) then distributing older files /without explanation/ is irresponsible.  All I'm asking you to do is modify the first post to make clear the points I raised before.