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WoW TCG plugin

Started by asian_al, November 17, 2009, 08:55:09 PM

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Who runs the WoW plugin? (contact info?)


I could be wrong but I think Trevor handles that plugin.



For the last 2 sets I have been the one working on the WoW plugin.
And unless something changes (Real Life), I will do the next also.

Are you itching for the new badge cards?



can someone provide a link as to were that plugin is.? please and thank you
and i was thining about providing Extended art cards for this plugin.

here are the ones i have soo far.


any word on naxx cards being added?

Here's card images and info courtesy of Chris Teo and Zackery Taylor!

Just copy / paste these files into your lackey directory, restart lackey and you should be good to go.

btw to whomever maintains the server, anyway we could get this stuff added there also?

edited for minor bug fix.



when will the wow plugin be updated with the new crafted cards and naxx treasure pack cards?


I'm feeling that I simply do not have the time to manage this plugin anymore.
In between a new work a second child and other projects I think it's better to hand the torch over.

Any volounteers?  8)

The workload isn't that great actually, it's mostly a matter of gathering the scans and typing the text into an excel spreadsheat. No programming skills are required, and I'm willing to give a crash course.

I've done this for about a year.
And started with the crafted items from DoW. I did it because there was some bitching because they never were released. So I started doing it just to get people to shut up. So step up or shut up  ;)

/Staffan Raupach (aka Shoel)


Hey Shoel,
I would be happy to carry the torch for a short while (I hope) just to catch things up.  Busy myself, but would like to benefit from having the Naxx Set/etc there.  Let me know how I can help and when a crash course can be provided.  hit me up by e-mail as needed.  Thanks,


Someone updated the plugin today. I think it is all up to date. If not, let me know what isn't.


Not seeing all the crafted cards. Just to let you know.


Quote from: Ogherwin on January 29, 2010, 03:06:05 PM
Not seeing all the crafted cards. Just to let you know.
Can you be more specific?


Sorry, So far just Khoriem boar. Still looking right now.


the update is nice thanks, but it has scourgewar only your missing all the naxxaramas treasure cards

30 total:

Bandit's Insignis
Betrayer of Humanity
Calamity's Grasp
Cincture of Polarity
Cover of Silence
Cryptfiend's  Bite
Dying Curse
Envoy of Mortality
Faerlinas Madness
Footwraps of Vile Deceit
Girdle of Razuvious
Gloves of Calculated Risk
Icy Blast Amulet
Last Laugh
Plague igniter
Riveted Abomination Leggings
Scourgeborne Battlegear
Sinister Revenge
Signet of Manifested Pain
Split Greathammer
Strong-Handed Ring
The Turning Tide
The Undeath Carrier
Torn Web Wrapping
Urn of Lost Memories
Voice of Reason
Wall of Terror
Widow's Fury

and also the 3 crafted scourgewar cards

Khorium Boar
Ebonweave Robe
Boots of Utter Darkness

after that you should be fine for updateing until april which is when the next set comes out