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Die Vergessenen Chroniken - Nothing Stays Forgotten [Kickstarter]


Hello everyone!
I have been playing the German version of Die Vergessenen Chroniken for about a year now and two days ago the international Kickstarter campaign launched.
Die Vergessenen Chroniken ? Nothing Stays Forgotten is a fantasy-adventure pen and paper roleplaying game, which is already published in German and will be translated with the support from this kickstarter campaign.
It does not use elves, dwarves, magicians, and dragons like many others, instead you have a large variety of races to choose from. From tiger people (Ailure) to plant creatures (Klant) to those from the realm of the dead (Ruah), players are free to unfold.
Die Vergessenen Chroniken takes place in the world of Verej?ka in which everyone can use different kinds of magic: White Magic to support your allies, Time Magic to manipulate the flow of time, or Tradition to control the elements themselves. In total there are 13 talent lists with 20 Talents per list.
The rulebook also includes rules for Crafting, lists of possible enemies or allies, artifacts, a detailed background story for the world and its inhabitants and more.
More information can be found in the Kickstarter campaign or on the homepage



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