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New Skin: Flat (light version)


I made a new skin for LackeyCCG. This time I went for a clean style with using light gray and flat colors for all the elements. I may do a dark version of this in the future.

This is what this skin will look like in Lackey:

You can download the required files here.
To installl simply unzip this file inside the LackeyCCG install directory. This will add some files to the /fonts and /skins, /images/backgrounds, and /images/zonebackgrounds folders; and will overwrite the interface files in the images/interface folder. (If you want to revert to the default skin later, you should back up the files already present in the images/interface folder to a new subfolder, before unzipping.)

After unzipping, (re)start LackeyCCG and go to Preferences > Skins, hit the button Browse an existing skin to load it, select flatlight.txt and hit Choose to load it.

To get the complete look, change the font settings and backgrounds under Preferences > Appearence as you see in the image below.


This is fantastic. Would you mind helping me redesign my Plugin's look?


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