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DICE BAGS: by Uber Dungeon (Kickstarter)

Started by UberDungeon, October 07, 2016, 07:08:15 PM

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Hello everyone, I wanted to invite you all to chick out our kickstarter page.

Welcome to Uber Dungeons Dice bag Kickstarter. I present to you the highest quality dice bags that money can buy.

These self standing dice bags are made with high quality upholstery suede. While most bags are lined with cotton or silky material we use black Twill Fabric because over time it wont give out on you. We use metal grommets to reinforce the holes for the pull cords to give a strong long lasting tight closure, with black cord locks and hard plastic caps to bring the ends of the cords together. This way the dice will never fall out of the bag.

The bag comes with your choice of a cool Character of our own design embroidered onto Suede.

The Regular size bag is 6 inches tall with a 4 inch round bottom. Holds 144 D6's (Chessex standard size)

The Large size bag is 8 inches tall with a 5 inch bottom. Holds 372 D6's (Chessex standard size)