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CatFight Money BOMB! Kickstarter!


CatFight MONEY BOMB!!!

That's right! From Friday to midnight Sunday the MONEY BOMB BEGINS!!

If we can get $5000 this weekend, then all previous backers and all new backers will receive the digital version of CatFight for free!!! Irrespective to this kickstarter succeeding or not!! That's right, whether I can reach the NZ$14000 goal set for Kickstarter or not is irrelevant. If we can get $5000 by this weekend you will be guaranteed the digital CatFight for free!! So pass the word on to friends, family, and websites. This will last for this weekend only! Let's do this! :)

Below to all new backers or viewers, a quick summary of all the main updates so far :)

CatFight Kickstarter->
CatFight Website->

CatFight Line Stickers! ->

 New CatFight card version

CatFight Comics!!

CatFight Artistic Process!!

CatFight PC and Phone App!



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