CatFight - a game of gluttony, thievery, strategy and revenge!

Started by catfightthegame, March 25, 2016, 08:52:35 AM

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CatFight is a card game where players are kittens fighting for cat food to become the top cat. In order to win players have to collect 12 cat food by playing a variety of cards that partake in gluttony, thievery, revenge, and strategy.

Be warned; the more cat food you have the more likely your opponents will target you first with vicious attack cards as players have the choice to target any player they wish. Inevitably what happens then is that players' cat food tallies will remain very close to one another resulting in the final stages of the game coming down to the wire as players make their decisive move to victory. And because players can intervene at any stage, even during your turn, a planned move for victory could ultimately be stopped, even backfire, with surprise attacks, twists, and counterattacks as your opponents will join forces to keep you from reaching your goal. How these final stages play out and the winner determined, will depend on you and the strategy you employ.

So if you like cute cuddly kittens of cheeky mischievous nature, please support CatFight and be part of this wild, unpredictable, and fun game playing with friends and family!

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Thank you! :)