Has anyone tried out the deck building games on Here yet?

Started by StAislez, December 24, 2012, 06:52:06 PM

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Ive played a couple different deck builder games as of late and hoping to see more come to life here on lackey.  Just to name a few, Ascension, Legendary Marvel deck building game and resident evil. Hoping to see some ported over to here if any of u folks like them as i do


I know there is a Dominion plugin out there somewhere, but I haven't seen any of the ones that you named yet.


There was also a thread about making the plugin for Resident Evil, but that was a long time ago, it hasn't been updated and the posters aren't responding.


Almost seems impossible to do. the deck feild areas of manipulation are in ur hand and library and deck building games usually use stacks of cards in areas outside of ur deck. as well as what ever the the deck may consist of, its usally a main shared deck as well as ur personal one. So im thinking that its to much of a nusicience to try on lackey. May just need a 'LAcekey for Table games' app


It can be done, you have to use the starting postion portion of the program.  its the same process as the Chess and Checkers plug in use. 


Just found out about Lackey today while searching for methods to digitize deck building games.

Can anyone else provide commentary on this topic?

I'm interested in putting in the work needed to add cards for Marvel Legendary if it is a possible conversion.

The game requires multiple card stacks, so is there a way to have community "decks" that anyone can pull from?


I actually made a deck building plugin for lackey


It's a game called Tanto Cuore. My plugin isn't very good but it is a deck building game. It CAN be done.

Hopefully better plugin makers than myself could make any deck building game you want.


how would you play that on here as i know somone who might like this as we have played the game irl