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Peasant Magic/EDH Tournament?

Started by PoPo, November 11, 2009, 10:00:15 PM

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Would anyone here be interested in trying to organize a Peasant Magic or EDH tournament? The rules for both are at the bottom for those who are unfamiliar. It doesn't have to be some huge tournament, but I'd like to see if we can get at least 8 reliably. It also wouldn't have to be done at one time--the bracket could be made and you and your opponent decide when you can play next in a reasonable amount of time.

Aside from cube draft, these are the most fun formats, imo.

Peasant Magic Rules

Decks may consist of at least sixty cards, containing:

Cards from any published Magic set wherein cards were assigned a rarity value by WotC. This includes Starter, and Portal, but does not include promotional cards or cards from pre-built sets like Vangaurd. Unglued and unhinged are also not allowed due to the fact some cards do not translate well to online play.
No more than five (5) uncommon cards. In Peasant Magic Tourneys that permit Sideboarding, these cards may be present either in the deck or in the sideboard.
No rare cards.
At least 55 common cards.
There may be no more than four copies of any single card except basic land. Snow-covered land counts as a basic land.
Cards with Different Rarities:
If a card is listed with two different rarities in two different editions, use the most common rating for calculating rarity. p> Exceptions:

Strip Mine is officially an uncommon card, even though it had a version that was rated as common. This is a change from the general rule to limit strip mines in tourneys because of power.

Restricted / Banned cards:

Cards that are restricted or banned in Type 1, Type 1.5, and other DCI constructed tournaments are allowed in Peasant Magic, with the following exceptions, up to four (4) copies permitted in a deck. The following cards are banned for purposes of peasant magic due to irrational expense and/or being broken in peasant:

Jeweled Bird
Timmerian Fiends
Bronze Tablet
Brain Freeze
Ali From Cairo
Bazaar of Baghdad
Candelabra of Tawnos
Diamond Valley
Juzam Djinn
Library of Alexandria
Mana Drain
Mishra's Workshop

EDH Rules:


I have no interest in organizing such an event, but I'd be interesting in playing a peasant or pauper (all commons) tournament.


I would also enjoy (and would also not want to organize) an all commons tournament. You can even do it with an online draft, here:



Peasant or Pauper would be cool.

Or any format, really. :-*


Ok, so there is at least mild interest in this idea. I'm all about a Peasant tournament; best of 3 with sideboards and all that.  Nobody really reads this part of the forum, do they?


Ok, so the format will be Peasant, but we still need more participants for this to take off at all. This forum set up is apparently non conducive for what we're trying to accomplish.