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windows 10 support

Started by derjuden, August 29, 2015, 12:24:03 AM

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wondering if anyone has used lackey with windows 10 yet?
Also if anyone has tried windows 10 lackey on a tablet. 


I am using it on 10 and, like everything i had before 10(including paint), i had to run it in compatibility mode.
Tablet, no


The issues I've had are with permissions on the subdirectories where the cards and decks are stored.  The permissions on them do not allow the program to write to the paths in question, so I cannot use the plugin manager to download and install the cards without manually adjusting the permissions. 

I think I'm going to make an installer package* so it will run under the 'all installed programs' permissions and be able to write the cards and so forth without running afoul of that issue.


*Note: I do not propose to violate any rules here; the installer package will only be for me unless I am given specific permission from the author/publisher to let others use it as well.