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Digimon Fusion CCG Plugin

Started by NEO_Ness, February 14, 2015, 12:45:30 AM

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I'm not sure how many people like this game or not, but Snoogy and I have been working on it for a few days now. 

This list is not complete.  If you know where more cards are please PM me or reply and let me know.

Cards and Descriptions - NEO Ness, Snoogy
GUI and touch-ups - Snoogy

I also included the rules in the .rar file.

Also, I never watched the show in English and used a lot of Japanese names.  Snoogy caught a few of them and changed it to their English counterpart name, but if you see something I missed, please let me know.

Version 2.0  Complete list of cards.  (series 1, unreleased 2, and promos.)  With Rules.


Update to 2.0.

Thanks mostly to Snoogy for the card info and images. We found the second (unreleased) series of cards.

I'm pretty sure that's a complete list of cards now.

RIP Digimon Fusion.



damn snoogs you are in everyone's pocket


You've got that backwards.   8)