Ownership of cards drawn from a shared deck, then played

Started by Hyphen-ated, March 17, 2015, 08:11:08 PM

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I'm making a plugin for a game where there's a shared deck, players draw from it, and then later they play the cards from their hands. Right now when player 2 plays a card from his hand onto the table, the card is upside-down for p2 and right-side-up for p1. When I inspect the SavedGame.txt file, I can see that these played cards have no <owner> set on them. I want every card played from a hand to become owned by the player who just played it

Is there a way to accomplish this? I could just have a "take control" button and tell players that they need to manually take control of every card that they play, but that is awkward.


One thing you could do is enable the mode where all players sit on the same side of the table.


How do I do that? I know about "Opponent's cards on the table always face you" but that's not the same, since it still flips around the positions of all the cards (but not their orientations). That wouldn't work for this game, since it involves having cards overlap each other, and the relevant part of an overlapped card should be visible to all the players.