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UI problem with shared zones

Started by Hyphen-ated, March 13, 2015, 07:16:52 AM

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Here's my plugininfo.txt

    <generalfunction><label>Previous Turn</label><kind>PEREVIOUSTURN</kind></generalfunction>
    <generalfunction><label>Next Turn</label><kind>NEXTTURN</kind></generalfunction>   

Here's what I see under the table when I load this plugin:

This is not good.

If I remove isshared from the "Deck" zone, then it looks like this:

This is much better... but I need the deck to be shared.
Does anyone know a way to solve this problem?


Looks like a bug. I'll fix it when I can.


I found another UI problem with shared zones, so I guess I'll post it in this same thread.

I've put multiple shared zones in my plugin now, and luckily this somehow makes the problem in my OP go away.

But now I have this:

So far so good, three shared zones and two private ones, but if I click on "jacks" and then click on "bonuses" it looks like this:

uhhhh. It acts like they're all selected. It still shows the correct cards in the tray, though, based on whichever one I clicked most recently.

Clicking a non-shared zone restores normality