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Not sure if this should go here or the bugs forum

Started by KingWhirlie, February 23, 2015, 09:54:20 PM

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So my network can't connect with lackey. I could as of Sunday 2/22 at around 9 pm  Mst. I know it's my network because I went off the network on my phone and that's how I'm writing this right now.

Here are some images that how some of the problems.

I can't get to the website.
I can't connect to the server.
I also can't even reupdate a plugin I priorly had.

I unplugged my router for 5 seconds and tried to reconfigure my IP address as well. But it seems Ive been blocked.

Do I just need to wait a couple days? Or does something else need to happen first?

The pics are too large that I took on my phone l.

Here's the support id#: 3595326565063428577


If you can't connect to the website, its an issue with your network. I didn't ban or block you, so you'll have to figure out what your network issue is. Maybe contact your ISP or google the specifics of your setup.


Well, I just got access again. So I'm not sure what was going on.