iPad: How to load manual install plugins to the iPad

Started by TriOpticon, February 16, 2015, 06:49:59 AM

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I have been messing with some of the plugins to test the iPad version of Lackey.  However, I wanted a way to load the manual download plugins.  I have the vs, WARS and a few others that I have downloaded when they were maintained but now they are dead so I had no way to load them onto the iPad.

This should work for anyone if you have downloaded all the images for the old plugins or any downloaded one that included all the images.

1. Setup an FTP server on your desktop.  You can just use a freeware FTP server or if you have a NAS device like I do, you can use that.  I cannot help you set this up unless it is the same NAS that I use. The root of the ftp server should be your LackeyCCG plugins folder, so if you typed in ftp://youripaddresshere/vs/updatelist.txt in your web browser you should get the updatelist.txt file

2. Make a copy of the original updatelist.txt file for safekeeping.  Edit the updatelist.txt file to now point to your ftp location.  For instance, vs has:
plugins/vs/plugininfo.txt   http://diestoremoval.com/images/vs/plugininfo.txt

I changed that to be
plugins/vs/plugininfo.txt   ftp://myipaddress/vs/plugininfo.txt

3. In the folder where the sets are stored.  In vs that was the sets directory, make a directory called ftp

4. Copy all the files from the setimages folder into the ftp folder.  DO NOT copy the subdirectory structure.  You just want all the jpg files in the ftp folder.  All I did was go to the setimages folder, type *.jpg in the search bar (I am using Windows) and then I just copy all that are found and paste them into the ftp folder.

5. In the updatelist.txt file change the CardGeneralURLs from

6. Save the updatelist.txt

7.  On the iPad, type ftp://youripaddress/vs/updatelist.txt into the "Paste AutoUpdate URL" and tap the "Install or Update from URL"

8. After it has updated, tap that you want to load the plugin.

9. Switch back to the Plugin: vs tab

10. Tap the "Download all missing card images" button (you will need to edit your LackeyCCG preferences to enable this).

Everything should work.

The only problem I have had is that I cannot use the "Browse installed plugins to load one" button but that also fails for some plugins that are use autoupdate so I really think it is a Lackey bug.  However, they do show in my "Load recent plugin" dropdown and I can load them that way.

I have done this with VS and WARS.

I will try to help where I can but I can't promise I will have the time.


Just an update that Trevor pointed out the issue that prevented these from showing when doing the 'Browse installed plugins to load one" button. 

cardback.jpg should be all lower case.  WARS and vs had Cardback.jpg so when I changed those to be cardback.jpg they were now showing when I browse on the iPad.