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Any reviews of the iPad version?

Started by TriOpticon, January 27, 2015, 07:10:20 AM

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I read the thread about the iPad version but was wondering if people have used it enough to give a review?  Just wondering how well it works as far as playing an actual game?  I may be more inclined to buy it if people are using it and it has some reviews/ratings.

If there was a free version,such as not allowing them to load a plugin and just be able to use the included ones to test it out, that would be a good way for me to try the interface at least.  Just a thought.



Not a bad idea on a "test out the interface" version.


I regularly play a few different games on the iPad and I think the iPad is a pretty good way to play. I would imagine it can vary from plugin to plugin, but it works well for the games I play at least. I like some things better on the iPad (like pinch-zooming and I regularly rotate between portrait and landscape), and some things I prefer on the desktop, but I like playing on both. I think it more comes down to how you feel like playing. If I want to play a game while browsing the web, checking email, or dickering around on the computer, I'd use the desktop version. If I want to relax on the couch, or when I take my iPad out of the home, I prefer the iPad version. It's similar arguments for the iPad VS desktop computer in general. Before I had an iPad, I didn't see a need for a tablet computer since I could do all that stuff on a desktop. But once you get an iPad, if you're like me, you realize there's a lot of comfort to using it since it's so portable.

I'm not sure about a free demo version. I think that might confuse people and complicate things.

It's only a couple bucks, and it's the only way I'm making any money from all the time I've put into Lackey over the many years. So if you've enjoyed the desktop version at all, buying the iPad version would be a nice (and appreciated) way to support me.

If you like Lackey on iPad, please post a positive review. If you don't like it, or have a criticism (or bug report), please report them on my forum first so I have a chance to fix them. If people post an unfavorable review it can tank app sales, even long after I fixed the issue the person was complaining about. I love constructive criticism and many changes have been done because of it but its most useful on my forum.


*still waiting for android version*.and please people,don't be ridicolous with your "learn how to program android and make it one yourself" only make things worse