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normal games (i.e. not proxy) dropped from server

Started by Burst, August 06, 2014, 11:18:28 PM

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If I'm hosting without proxy and nobody joins within a few minutes, my game simply disappears from the server.  Lackey return a message or disconnect my game if it's not visible anymore so unless I periodically check the server I won't know either and I'll simply be waiting for nothing.

If I host proxy then no problem.

I'm not losing my connection,  all my netowrk traffic continues as normal in other programs and I'm still communicating with the server obviously because I can see messages from people and changes in other games as well, it's just the normal games that disappear.


Does this issue happen all the time, or just randomly?


it's hard to tell,  if all goes according to plan, I put up a game and soon somebody comes in.  Once a game starts I don't know if it's still available on the server I don't go back to check usually.

so I only see it when the game doesn't attract attention - but I "think" it happens it regularly under those circumstances.

I'll put one up with an univiting name and see what happens.    If you want to monitor, I'll be logged in as Burst


19:16:21  EDT  started a Normal game

then I went back to work

checked back at 19:52 and it was gone from server

I don't know when in between there it disappeared.  I know it lasted at least a few minutes, but after 2 or 3 I quit checking


tried again at 9:02pm,  it was gone by 9:31pm, I'm pretty sure it lasted at least 10 minutes


This sounds very much like the old bug where the connection to the server would drop randomly but give no indication that it had done so.



I think I know what causes this and I fixed it in a Lackey I haven't yet posted. Once I fix the normalize.dll issue, Ill post the fix.


the disappearing normal game happened again last time I was hosting (Jan 29)

I switched back to proxy and I had someone join my game in a few minutes.