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Lackey is Read-Only, and won't work. O.o

Started by topromen, January 24, 2015, 02:19:10 PM

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I had to do a clean re-install on my Lackey; I was having other issues. Upon doing so, however, I have discovered that my game is basically stuck in factory condition. O.O

When I launch the game, it brings up the tutorial box welcoming me to LackeyCCG and offering to show me around - I press "don't show this message again" and it comes back - EVERY SINGLE TIME.

The plugin that I installed will not properly run, and I believe it is rooted in the same problem - Lackey is Read Only. When I right-click the Lackey CCG folder and unchecked it, it just comes back!


Read only - uncheck it, leave the window, come back, it it's there again.


This sounds like it's an issue with your operating system and not a lackey issue. Lackey needs to be run from a place where it can write to or issues like this will occur. Try running as admin or do a Google search for your issue.


Mmm. Yeh, that's what I figured... I had come across this problem on a different machine, and fixing it was a very convoluted problem; since it came up again on this computer, I thought I would ask about it, just in case this was a common problem or something.

Thanks anywho Trevor. ^^


so how did you fix this? i have the same error and its really pissing me off....


the problem still persists and i have no idea why.