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Attention all plugin makers: Please support AutoUpdate URLs

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Some plugin makers have not yet made autoupdate URLs for their plugins. It's fairly easy to do and it makes things easier for people to install and update your plugin. You can also have plugins automatically tell people when there's a new version. You can learn how to make one here:

If you need webspace, there's a number of free hosts you can use. Maybe some other folks know of better places. Dropbox is one? If anyone knows good places to host plugins, please tell of your experiences with them. You can also PM me about your plugin and I may be able to host it on

I'm waiting to make an official announcement, but LackeyCCG is in the app store now. ( And since you can't easily muck about the file directory on iPads like you can on desktop computers, the only way to install plugins to the iPad is to use autoupdate URLs. So if you're one of the folks with a plugin just zipped and uploaded somewhere, please consider taking a little time to make an autoupdate URL.

I'd just like to comment on finding webspace.

It's very difficult to find a good place to upload everything in one place - that is, text files and images, where the url doesn't change. Dropbox is good for individual files, but you can't create an easy-access 'public' folder without paying for it nowadays, making it impossible to use the CardGeneralURLs function.

Therefore, the most luck I've had is to split it up - use dropbox for all of the textfiles, but use an image hosting site (photobucket is good, imageshack might be decent as well) for all of the card images since you can arrange it by folder and not have to worry about scrambled urls.

Anyone have an idea on this. I just updated one of the plug-ins, but it did not like the cardgeneral url, even though I followed the exact same format as the other portions.

AutoUpdate URLs that use dropbox seem to not work for me. I keep receiving an "Error: timed out while updating plugin" while other updatelists (namely, Magic and Munchkin) worked fine.

Particularly, one of the updatelists I can access and download as a .txt file, and it looks like a legitimate update list. So I'm unsure why they are not working.

I'm having issues with my Cards Against Humanity plugin. The update.txt works fine for the most part, but when it comes to downloading the card images it just says that there was an error, and it does this for each card. I need help.


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